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Girls do you care if your b/f looks at pornography?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) May 11th, 2008

There has been much debate with some friends of mine in school about weather or not it is cool that their b/f’s look at porn. Personally I dont care that mine does, it doesnt interfere with our relationship, and he doesn’t love the porn stars. He love me. But Im curious as to what other girls think.

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Sorry in advance; “weather it is cool” is a meteorological phrase. You mean “whether or not other girls object to their b/fs looking at porn.” Same dilemma, of course, even if the porn stars are hot.

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wtf does all that mean? Is that a yes or a no?

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How much? What guy doesn’t sometimes especially in the teen and young man years. When it is a problem is when it is a lot, all the time, he can’t make love unless he is watching porn, etc. If porn becomes an obsession, it interferes with a person’s ability to have real relationships.

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I don’t care. If I’m not satisfying his needs in that way I would much rather he look at porn than A. find another girl to do it or B. pressure or worse force me to take care of his needs in that area

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Porn is only appealing to their sexual side, where as you appeal to their emotions and sex drive… unless porn interferes with your relationship i dont think its an issue at all.
and personally.. ill sit back and watch it with him… not cause it turns me on.. but because its pretty funny to crack jokes about it.

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It doesn’t bother me.

Your grammar on the other hand…..

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Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. His attachment to those girls is no greater (in fact I’m pretty sure it’s less) than mine to Patrick Swayze when I’m being nostalgic and watching Dirty Dancing….

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@delirium >_< sorry for grammar, I really do try and watch for it.

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I little bit of lighthearted snark never hurt anyone. ;) <3

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But who decides what is lighthearted, what is repetitive, * what is incomprehensible,
what is defiantely the three millionth time a word has been missspppellled and what is cruel and *hurtful?

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I’ve been with my b/f for 12yrs. and I don’t mind that he watches it from time to time. I know that he doesn’t have feelings for the women in the porn he watches, because he loves me. If it ever got to the point where his attention is on the porn during sex and not me…I’d definitly have a problem! Why is it that, even though we allow them to watch…in the end it hurts us somehow? If you have a relationship where you both can compromise with one another, there isn’t anything to worry about.

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I definitely do not mind, but I know plenty of girls that do!

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YES! I would care if my boyfriend watched porn! As a christian, I would say that his mind is no longer pure. Men do not NEED to think of sex all the time, it’s just stressed by the media. Think of the girls on the other end of that screen? how do they feel? Are they getting forced to do this? It is not only degrading to me, but to the women on the other end of the screen.

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@mandybookworm please god tell me you’re trolling…..

No one is forcing those women to do any of it. Last I checked they all signed up for it on their own….

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um… nope I’m not kidding. And I have proof. this site shows you about forced pornography if you scroll down far enough.

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Thats called a fetish hun. Its not real.

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Ahahahahhaha. Oh wow. Yeah, that would be fetish play. The girls aren’t really being forced.

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my wife doesn’t mind as long as its not interfering with our sex life and she reaps the benefit… usually she wants to be there with me while i watch, i guess to see what my interests are, maybe she’s just checking up on me.

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My wife has no issues with my viewing of pornography.

She creates plenty herself (as author and illustrator). She, of course views and reads it as well. She also views and discusses it with others online (typically with other artist-illustrators).

Our pornography worlds intersect from time to time. Now and then we will view and or discuss it together.

Some of our tastes are very niche. It’s actually how we met.

Life is good, and steaming hot.

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