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Is this hotel setting itself up for a lawsuit?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46860points) January 12th, 2014

More stories from the Hampton. They had 70 channels. When we turned it on it was set to channel 33. We flipped up through the channels from from there. When we got to 70 we decided to start at the beginning. Clicked channel 1….and it was hard core porn. No warning, nothing. Just there it was. It was very, very graphic and I couldn’t change the channel fast enough! But what if I’d had kids in the room? I would be raising six kinds of holy hell.

What in the hell could they have been thinking?

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Are you sure it wasn’t just an advertisement? Was it really that graphic?
Going back to one of the hotels I stayed at, they had a whole hundreds section (400s it was) dedicated to porn. I never watched it, but I think it was just advertising stuff you had to rent.
I swear I only did the same thing as you and that’s all.

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PM’d you with the details.

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What was that address again?

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Maybe the Duke lll looked a little forlorn when he checked in?

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You better believe I had control of that remote @ibstubro!

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That’s okay…it was just the Duke’s side of the DUVET that was lumpy!

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WOULD YOU SHUT UP!!!! You are a terrible addition to Fluther! (I’m seriously just kidding you know. Just playing off of that common phrase “So and so is a wonderful addition to Fluther”)

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Tsk, tsk.

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I’d have to see it. I can’t describe obscene but I can tell when I see it. Send me a link and I’ll let you know what I think.

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Upon checkout, leave a letter for the manager which details your experience.

And let them know you’ll be copying it to all concerned.

Make sure to leave your contact info so they know where to send the free accommodations credit.

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Did you call the front desk at the time? It’s possible that the previous occupant of your room paid for porn, and the hotel had failed to re-block it.

There mighta been hell to pay…not because you saw porn, but because you saw it free!

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Anybody can sue anybody. The question is can you win.
Only if someone can prove some sort of damage occurred and that the hotel was willfully negligent.
I assume you turned it off immediately.

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@Dutchess_III: “But what if I’d had kids in the room?”

I am sure kids would have been able to handle a few seconds of porn. TV isn’t exactly good for kids. It seems like complaining that the onion wasn’t fresh on a McDonald’s hamburger.

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Sure @tom_g, but what if they were older and I wanted to leave them in the room by themselves for a bit so I could go have a few drinks at the bar or something? Or if one of them wanted to stay instead of going swimming?

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Then in the lawsuit proceedings, as you unsuccessfully argue that your children were damaged by willful negligence (a fact that can not be established in a short period of time), the defense will argue that since you left the room, you did not really care what they watched on the TV anyway

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@Dutchess_III: “but what if they were older and I wanted to leave them in the room by themselves for a bit so I could go have a few drinks at the bar or something?”

What do you think would happen? And do you think a chance unlocked hotel porn channel is kids’ only access to porn?

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Silly reaction. If you had tried to sue (poor idea), they would respond “no one locked you onto the channel could have moved to a different channel (or god forbid) turned the TV off.

But in tlaw books of america, there is not a law that says “offending you is a crime”. As we have said a million times, one person’s porn is another person’s art.

For my two cents, you’re only as offended as you choose to be. But the judge would laugh at you.

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@josie I have no intention of filing a law suit.
@tom_g No, I don’t think it is kids’ only access to porn.
@elbanditoroso I understand.

Sorry that you all took the wording so seriously and saw this as a chance to jump on branches and throw rocks, sticks and shit. My only point was it was a bit shocking to have such graphic stuff like that just pop up out of nowhere (no pun intended.)

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Yes. Never complain about petty things. Especially on that joke-of-a-website called TripAdvisor.

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I wouldn’t be above grabbing my stuff and moving to a different hotel. That’s pretty shoddy business practices in my opinion. If you really want to be heard, take your business elsewhere and tell them why.

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It could be a lawsuit, anyone can try to sue. I don’t know who would win, probably the hotel. Maybe the hotel would try to make it go away with a few thousand dollars. It must have been an accident from the previous guest ordering that channel.

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Porn? Meh. It is violent movies you should be concerned about, not porn!
Cheeses H. Krist.

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@snowberry First glance I read your post as, “I wouldn’t be above grabbing myself….” I was like…er. :D

You know, that kind of thing is usually on higher end channels, 100+ at least. This was simply Channel 1 out of 70. There was a little cardboard list of all the channels beside the bed and they were your standard channels: Disc, Anim Planet, KPTS, Science, HBO, SHO, etc. I don’t remember what #1 was called. I don’t remember seeing anything special that can be ordered, but I wasn’t looking for it either. So weird that it would be #1. I’m starting to wonder now if I mis-saw….but Rick saw the same thing.

If I had paid for the room myself I’d have had a talk with the manager. But I didn’t so I didn’t.

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@Dutchess_III – this is getting interesting now. Who paid for your room?

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