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A brilliant Engineer offers to make you one object, it must obey the Laws of Physics, it can be any one object you choose, so what object would you choose?

Asked by gr8teful (510points) October 19th, 2011

I asked this because an Engineer on who may want to remain anonymous so I won’t say his name, suggested I asked this question because he is an Engineer and I suggested it as a question to him.

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The perfect automobile. Impeccable suspension, engine, drivetrain etc.

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Amazing, and very affordable, home automation systems, especially related to mood and lighting. You know, keypad or ID front door entry, multiple awesome automated window shades for every mood/weather condition/time of day, with star cutouts, digital displays to tell me when it’s a good night for stargazing, amazing aurora borealis-type mood lighting over the hot tub in the bathroom ;) haha you know. Some kind of a white pod desk which embraces you and helps regulate your mood and relax you with light/music/aromas?? as you work. Some way of having a completely safe campfire in the backyard in places where the laws don’t allow it, and/or of having a yard twinkle with thousands of candles at midnight on the summer solstice…without spending a fortune on stupid wires or broken bulbs or having outdoor plugs put in or on the energy itself.

Uh, probably not a super helpful answer. Quality of life stuff.

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A self-sustaining power plant that would provide the power for my home, forever.

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I’d like an implantable prosthetic prostate. It would have internal attachments and be of the correct size and shape so it could be implanted in place of a surgically removed prostate. It should be made of some gel-like material that would hold the other organs in their natural place greatly speeding recovery.
I’ll take one in size 55ml please.

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goes looking for a measuring cup to see how much that is

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A Warp Drive.

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@Yanaba It’s the size of a large egg or a very large walnut.
Why doesn’t a medical supply company make these?

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I’d have him or her build the fastest possible spyplane they could, fully kitted-out to travel round the world as fast as i could and I’d take my family for a round the World trip.On our return my family would leave the spyplane safely and happily, but I would stay inside, the spyplane like all good spyplanes would be equipped with a spy’s instant death pill.I would then take-off again and fly to the middle of the Amazon rainforest -one of the most beautiful places on earth I would touch-down sit in the middle of the rainforest , thank whoever created such a beautiful place , thank my family for being my family and accepting me as I am,take the instant death pill and die happily in the rainforest.

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An anti-gravity generator.

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A portal gun.

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I want the whole starship, not just the warp drive (of course, warp drive isn’t really per the laws of physics, the ship would be powered by more mundane means, possibly such as cold fusion powering lifters for thrust).

But a portal gun would be a close second choice :-p

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“of course, warp drive isn’t really per the laws of physics”
Actually, it is.

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@ragingloli – Wow! That’s cool! Thanks! But I wonder how you would actually make it, though. Having to carry a black hole on board your starship might void the warranty :-p

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The Absorbascon from DC comics

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