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Who is your favorite Mario character?

Asked by sydsydrox (648points) October 20th, 2011

Give me a LEGIT, DETAILED, and THOROUGH explanation of why that person is your favorite character. Please describe your favorite quality, and then type your favorite quote at the end. PLEASE. (If you don’t know a quote, just don’t type it.)

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I love luigi.. He is my hero… my favorite color would be green.. that is why he’s my hero.. <3

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Yoshi is awesome. All the different dynamics that he adds makes him my favorite:

- He jumps higher
– He runs faster
– and ALLLL the different colored yoshis allow you to do incredible things (like I think it’s blue yoshi that allows you to fly alot easier than with the cape)

Also, he’s a freakin’ dinosaur, but doesn’t look ugly or scary at all, so I think the way he’s animated was pretty incredible. I LOVE Yoshi.

Don’t think he has a quote though.

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Yoshi :D Dunno why I like him but I always played with him.

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Yoshi and Boo :D

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Dry Bones! Cannot be killed (except by cape or star), mostly lives in desert areas and castles (which are levels that I generally enjoy most), and, in Mario Kart, has a good balance of speed, weight, and maneuverability. And, it should be noted, that he is much cooler looking than any other standard koopas.

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Well, favorite character is Wario because his games with the minigames are awesome and fun. Plus, when you play the adventure games, you don’t die as soon as an enemy touches you.

My second favorite character is Daisy because she is a cool princess and she rocks. And she wears orange.

My third favorite is Toad because, I mean, look at him. He’s ADORABLE.

My fourth favorite is a tie between Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. They are all pretty cool.

My least favorite is Waluigi SOLELY because he wears purple, and purple is my favorite color.
(Sorry, Peach fans.)

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Mario because he’s sexy and he likes saving his bitch.

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Agreed. He’s going on my list

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Mario has very chubby cheeks, which makes him look cute. (And plus, he looks sexy in black and white, RAWR…)

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Okay, so far, I’ve got 4 Yoshis, 2 Marios, a Boo, 2 Dry Bones, 2 Luigis, a Wario, a Waluigi, and a Daisy. (Hope I didn’t forget anyone)

Love the disversity, peeps! Keep it comin’!

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Another vote for Wario.

ima gonna win

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YESH!!! finally! Wario rules!
“Whahahaaaa!! =P”

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