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Would you want a very expensive gift?

Asked by JLeslie (54564points) October 20th, 2011

Let’s assume it is completely fine with you that the person is spending the money, and you have no problem financially maintaining the gift.

Would you want a surprise house, car, very expensive piece of jewelry, vacation, given to you? Is it exciting? Or, are you annoyed you didn’t get to pick it out yourself?

Does it make a difference who it is from? If it is from your spouse or parents are you more inclined to accept it or feel comfortable?

My husband says he always wishes to get a surprise car as a gift, and I would never want someone to surprise me with a car, because I want to pick the model, the color, etc.

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I hate all gifts that have been purchased for me. I don’t accept them. It took many years for people to accept this, but eventually I would say, “Oh, thanks. That’s great. I’m sure I can donate it.” Only then did they stop.

The only gifts I accept are works of art or homemade food from friends and my kids.

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Not annoyed. I think that I would feel strange accepting a really extravagant gift. I just have a hard time imagining myself being comfortable saying “gee whiz, thank you for the new car! You shouldn’t have!”
No, you probably really shouldn’t have. I would most likely feel forever indebted to the giver, even if that isn’t their intention. I don’t think I would be able to enjoy it.

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I surprised my wife with a Valentine’s day “Car” . She didn’t want to be part of the “go to this dealer, go to that dealer.”
She loves the color and all the options. I had a list of “wants” and “nice to haves” before I went from dealer to dealer.

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I’ll take it!

My ex asked me 12 years ago what I really wanted for Christmas. I said “a red Honda CRV”. Two days later she was driving past a Honda Dealer and they had one up on a stand as their Deal of the Week. She bought it and hid it at her mother’s for Christmas.

Of course I was the one that got to pay for it, she took out a car loan on it.

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Yes please! Get me all the ices you want!!

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It depends on a lot of stuff. Maybe I have too much pride, but stuff like that I would want to get on my own. I would feel like it was just a huge handout, and I would see it and know that I didn’t get it on my own.

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I’d take it, but only if I felt I somehow deserved it. I’d pick an extravagant vacation.

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I’d rather not. I like picking my own things out and buying them myself.

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I’d happily take a car after not having one for six weeks. Anything that is reliable would be nice. I don’t care what it looks like.

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I would take what was offered with grace and gratitude.

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I agree with SuperMouse, I would take whatever offered as gift with nice gesture of gratitude.

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Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Yes, I’d accept it. I have purchased expensive gifts for others and they have done the same for me.

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I would accept it gratefully.

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Oh yeah, the more expensive the better. But I would appreciate it a lot if the giver thought it out carefully, what I like and then surprises me with it. That’s what I do when giving a gift, figure out what someone would love getting even before he or she realizes that’s what she wants or needs.

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If it was something I needed rather than just an extravagance. The older I get the more I don’t want things just for the sake of having them. If I needed a new car though and the person had done some investigating to find out what I liked, wanted, then sure. It would have to be someone very close to me though. I wouldn’t accept an expensive gift from someone I was not close to.

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I would not be too enthusiastic about it and would attempt to back away gracefully and respectfully.

My husband would know that I’d want to be involved in the selection of the item. Anyone else—well, I can’t imagine it (unless my son is rich someday), but I wouldn’t like feeling that someone had a continuing proprietary interest in something I was supposed to call mine.
“How’s that car running?”
“Worn that diamond necklace lately?”
“How did your vacation compare with that trip to Hawaii we gave you?”
Ugh, I would want to say “Just take it back already.” I would also hate the feeling that I somehow owed them in a major way.

I guess the truth is that the relatives and friends who would do such a thing completely lovingly, with no strings, will or would never have had much to spend, and the ones with plenty in the bank would never do something so freely. So I’d prefer that people stick to gifts that are in my own price range so we can keep a fairly even reciprocity.

If my sister won a $10 million lottery or something like that, I’d make an exception.

However, we did come in for several $10k gifts from my father-in-law when his investments were paying him too much. We used them to reduce our mortgage and finally to pay it off. That was great.

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If I could have absolutely anything I wanted at all, no matter if it was real or not, I would probably want a time-turner (yes I am a Harry Potter fan), or some other sort of time-machine/teleporting device.
But if it had to get something already in existence, I would probably go with a seaside house.

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I would like to be gifted with the Paula Deen coffee table that I’ve been drooling over for the past six months. I really don’t care how it happens. Guilt that you owe me a favor after the great time last night. )That one is to my husband in case he hacks my Fluther account.) Or for any other reason, I’ll be right or wrong. I just want that amazingly beautiful life coffee table. It would look great in my living room. Anyone else who would like to make a donation, PM me.

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Oh, my answer is YES! Gift me.

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I’d be all “dude, sweet!”

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I’d take any gift given to me with as much grace as I could muster. It takes a lot of thought to go out and research and buy something. I would imagine that more thought would go into something big and expensive.

I’m not really a car snob. If it gets me from point A to B, great.

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I don’t have to pay for it in any way? Then I will take any of those things with a smile.
However, if they bought me a large car I can’t drive then I would take it back to the dealer and exchange it for something I can drive. I suppose if they bought me a house I can’t live in either, than I may either let a relative live there till I can or sell it as well and buy one closer to where I really want to live.
Trips are cool too and can also be changed if they planned to send me on a cruise where pirates are known to frequent or a dangerous country.
Jewelry I will keep no matter what.

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It would be very strange, but it would probably really help right now.

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Yes, oh yes, and I would smile!!

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