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Skype contact requests. Add people you don't know?

Asked by ETpro (34415points) October 20th, 2011

I recently signed up to use Skype. I’m getting lots of requests from members of the opposite gender to add them as contacts. They typically read like this one:
“hey there.. I was browsing who’s online and i discovered your name.. and you seemed cool ”

Are these all what I imagine, just come-ons or people looking to exploit lonely hearts? Any way to check out what their intention might be?

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I only use skype to talk to my friends and family, and you can make it private so that no one you don’t know will request to add you.

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They’re scams. I get much the same things daily from Yahoo Messenger.

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Ignore ‘em.

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Ugh. Why would you want to talk to people you don’t know?

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Yeah, I just have it set to only speak to family and friends. I ignore request from people I don’t know.

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@marinelife Wow, great answer. Thanks. I figured they were lonely heart scammers looking for suckers to hit up for money.

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I wouldn’t do it. The purpose of Skype is to provide cheap phone calls and video conferencing between personal and business aquaintences. The last thing that I would want is a sales call on my computer. It is like having an unlisted number, why screw with that?

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@Ron_C Amen to that. I get plenty of those on my land line.

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