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What actions/characteristics make you want to slap a person?

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) October 21st, 2011

It can be anything.
Something a person does/did. A habit. A characteristic. A name. Anything.
Do you do it to? Are you a hypocrite?

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Now that made me laugh right out loud for sure!

What makes want to “slap” a person is when I see how self absorbed they are or in another instance it is the insufferable inability to just take someone’s word for the smallest of things. Some people in my life have to touch and see for themselves. No taking anyone else’s word….that would be mine!!!

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Nothing. Slapping someone is pathetic.

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Seeing them mistreat an animal or a child. No, on second thought, that makes me want to bury them.

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@tom_g But it can be funny.

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Snotty or hurtful remarks. At a school where I taught, (a high class neighborhood) someone drove up in a pick-up truck to get a student. I heard a girl say sarcastically, “Oh, I like your car,” I never wanted to hit a kid so much. I didn’t even know which girl the voice came from.

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Great answer @Blueroses!
A random dude giving me a nasty remark on my physical appearance, body part.

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Some people just have a face that begs to be slapped, I think we all know what I’m talking about. Kind of like when you see a woman with a great body and you just want to take her to bed, well, just like that except with the perfect face for slapping.

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Slap-stick comedy. If I were paid to do it, I would.

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Someone who just slapped someone else. Slap fight!!!

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I don’t really slap them, but feel the urge to when someone does something wrong and complains over the top about somebody else being the cause….

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When young people are rude and disrespectful to really old people.

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Narciscissim. But I don’t.

I don’t think that refraining from physical violence makes me a hypocrite.

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I sometimes feel the need of slapping other but I rarely do it.

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Extreme vacuousness. Paris Hilton would be a good example of someone who propels that urge within me. Obviously I wouldn’t have the opportunitybut the urge is there just the same.

And, yes, that is a valid word :)

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When really impatient people don’t stop interrupting you, when a person mistreats an animal or other person in any way, when somebody insults God in front of me, whenever people are really stuck up and stuffed with themselves, when they just won’t drop an argument or refuse to see that a person is in pain and keeps doing the thing that causes them pain.
(But I always resist slapping, it hurts my hand, too. And I’ve been slapped in the face HARD and I know how bad it is. My ear was throbbing for an hour! The kid was trying to show off and hit my face instead.

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Not a violent person and never feel urge to slap a person but alot of ignorant people make me want to scream sometimes.

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Referring to anything as ignorant because it doesn’t line up with your particular belief system.

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When someone is standing right beside me and they are talking loudly into their phone, especially if they are making the clerk wait on them at the checkout. Those individuals are truly deserving of the slap.

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Some “See You Next Tuesday” at the flea market yelled at my son for sitting in an old, ugly, used recliner she was trying to sell.

How dare a child sit quietly… in a… chair…

She yelled at him. Finger pointed and everything. I was about to slap a bitch.

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People who try to give me tips or advice on some video game I’m having trouble with, but that they themselves haven’t even played.


How many HP’s you got left? Your ghost says 0? Good. Now shut the fuck up, ass devourer.

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^ Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to glance at my DM, and telepathically tell them to instruct another player to roll against a surprise bitch-slap to the face.

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mistreating animals, women, children and seeing a bully do harm make me really want to.

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I wouldn’t slap someone but I have felt the urge!
When someone doesn’t listen to what I’m saying so they don’t understand the point I’m trying to make but they keep disagreeing with me. My blood slowly starts to boil. It’s ok that they disagree with me, I just want them to understand what I’m saying.

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The guy in front of me in the check out line, who dumps a shit load of change on the counter and makes the cashier fuck with all that coinage, in the 20 items or less lane. I’d reeeeally like to slap that person…after I let the cashier get a few in first. People who don’t have their shit together before it’s their turn…it’s enough to give a dogs ass a heartburn.

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