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Who loves to cuddle after having sex?

Asked by Male (1353points) October 22nd, 2011

Do you enjoy cuddling immediately after sex?

Or do you prefer to do something else? Clean up? Talk? Sleep? Watch TV? ...Cry?

How about your partner?

Without getting into too many details, I don’t understand how people can cuddle after sex. It’s dirty and (can get) messy, let alone you’re sweating and hot at the same time. All I want is to do is jump into the shower and run the cool water down. Ahhh…

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I like to cuddle for a while, and fall asleep in each others’ arms. (Unless, of course, she was in shackles and tied down during said sex :-p

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Toilet, wipe, come back, cuddle.

I love a cuddle any time, specially after sex.

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I am with @poisonedantidote.
Edit: With @poisonedantidote‘s answer that is….

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It depends on the person. One obviously wouldn’t feel compelled to sleep with a casual sex partner.

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I love to cuddle. I feel very close to my partner. Then I like to clean up.

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What @poisonedantidote said. Maybe add in “grab a sip of juice” before cuddling.

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I love to cuddle but if I feel to much energy after he falls asleep I will slip out of bed and go clean up then clean the house until he has had time to rest and go again. Its may be just me but sex gives me so much energy I hate to waste it and it always seems to make me want for more.

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Cuddling FTMFW.

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I don’t.

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What, exactly, is cuddling? I enjoy hanging out with my love. I feel no need to go anywhere or do anything (except maybe get a drink of water) after making love. I like wrapping ourselves around each other for a little while, until it gets too hot, unless it already got too hot during sex. I like falling asleep together—it’s best if you can breathe each other’s breath, but that doesn’t really work for me any more with the cpap machine. That’s about as romantic as a leech. The sweat and juices of sex don’t bother me at all. I feel no urge to jump up and get cleaned, although it is likely that in the not too distant future, my bladder will be sending messages urgent enough to get me up. Hmmm. Now I see why some of my friends have pee-bottles by the side of their beds. The houses with slate floors that grow cold as a snowy stream. That’ll keep you in bed until your bladder kicks your ass out!

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I’m female and I love to cuddle after sex, it’s also the best sleep either one of us gets. My partner is male and he also loves to cuddle after. I think it’s a coin toss as to which of us drops off into sleep first.

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Yes. Love to cuddle after sex and we both tend to sleep really well too. I agree with @Neizvestnaya.

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I agree with @bob_.

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I like to clean up first and then cuddle.

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I don’t think anything is dirty, period. I love the aftermath of sex, there might be some wiping up and peeing involved but that’s just coincidental, not because we feel we need to – and yes we love cuddling, a lot.

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Everyone. don’t they?

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Depends. With a loved one, yes cuddle immediately. To a merely sexual encounter, chances are not at all. However the state of room air-conditioning at that time may alter these situations.

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I am actually not a big cuddler after sex. Sex gets me energized so I usually want to jump up and go out and do stuff immediately after. This is why I usually prefer afternoon sex. I’ve got energy to do it and then we can go out after. I really should get over my aversion to morning sex. I would get so much more done if I could harness that energy when I wake up.


Sometimes it’s nice, but in actuality, my mind is geared on having more sex after, not cuddling.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Well, you gotta stop at some point. Lol.


@mazingerz88 You can only stop me if you tied me all up. Lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES As if I’m not aware your shoes have a secret retracting blade James Bond style. Lol.


@mazingerz88 My shoes are only retractable when I’m turned on. Lol. ;)

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Before, after, during, instead of, in addition to… I love cuddling.

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Most of the time I enjoy a cuddle after sex. Sometimes, though, my body feels hot and uncomfortable and I need a bit of space.

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If a girl pushed me away right after sex saying “she needs her space,” that relationship won’t last more than a nanosecond. Just sayin’...

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I don’t push my boyfriend away as such I just lie next to him (still close) without actually cuddling up. Seeing as we have been together for a good few years now I don’t think it is a threat to our relationship.

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ahh your funny @poisonedantidote. I agree with your statement. But for me, I dont always like to cuddle right after. I’d put it more as, i lay on my side, he lays on his, all i need is his hand on mine and im good. I like space while knowing he is there too. :)

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