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Should I just move again?

Asked by flutheragain (23points) October 23rd, 2011

I’m almost 24, and my life is not too great at the minute. I’m in second year of a degree course that I quite like. But my personal life is embarressing. I’ve no friends and I don’t fit in at all. I feel like I’m in the middle of no-where. In college I’ve been studing French, and now I can actually speak it, so I’m thinking maybe I should abandon this idea and move to France – though I think I’d love to be a french teacher – but maybe it isn’t worth sacraficing my youth for? I’m not happy here at all. I feel most the people I meet are pretty stupid, for lack of a better word. If you have any words of advice please post.

P.s. I’m bi-polar:(

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Stick with it. You’ll regret it later if you give up now. Graduate, and then move to France if that idea still appeals to you. Or maybe transfer to a university in France and continue your degree there?

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Being bi-polar is not the end of the world. Almost all of us have our own problems. I do hope you are taking medication for this. If not, it will do you a world of good.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, ”“what’s wrong with me and what do I need to change to the next chapter in my life?”. New makeover may do wonders for you. My grandaughter was bi-polar and was way out there. We took her to several doctors that straighten out her life. She is now outgoing and has many friends.

I would leave France alone, until you at least graduate.

Being bi polar is not the end of the world. Fight it.

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If you don’t have one right now, get professional help and stick with the program. Address your issues to a professional, they should have better recommendations for you, including the proper medication. There are people that were diagnosed with bi-polar syndrome living “typical” lives.

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Stay in school but see what else you might change to improve life. Start or join a French club?

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Check out meetup .com and look for a French club. You might luck out.

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I’m not quite sure I understand your complaint. Is it that the people at your college are stupid? Is this why you have no friends among them? Is it that you think you will sacrifice your youth to be a French teacher?

What else are you going to do? What would be an appropriate use of your life? Do you want to move somewhere where you can have more of a social life? Is that what is bothering you?

If you want a better social life, then you should start participating in things. Not everyone can be stupid. Usually people say that when they tried a couple of things and struck out. You have to keep at it, and try to find a place where people are more sympathetic. Perhaps a French club?

Of course, the most interesting people are at your bipolar support group. If you don’t have one, I advice you check at to see if there is a group in your local area. Or, and I hate to say this because generally these people are a bit socially inept, you might try a local Mensa chapter. It’s for the smart people… or the people who do well on tests, which isn’t quite the same.

But the best thing to do is to hang out with the artistic people—or possibly the dadaists or derridaists or the other lit crit nerds. But I prefer the artistic people because they tend to be smart and weird and creative. I like dancers and writers best (the dancers can have some pretty hot bodies, too—my wife is one). I also had a couple of girlfriends who were artists.

So I say go hang out with people like that and you’ll find some non-so-stupid people.

I also would encourage you to go to France. If you can do it as part of your program, that’s best. Many programs have a year abroad, or a semester abroad or even a summer abroad. You want to spend as much time as possible in France because you want to immerse yourself in the language and frankly, that will prepare you the best for being a French teacher. My point is that your goals are compatible. You can both go to France and become a French Teacher.

But France is a big place. Maybe you should travel around a bit before you decide where you want to stay. If you like bicycle racing, you could do worse than follow the Tour de France during the month of July!

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