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What scary movie scarred you for life?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) October 25th, 2011

I was listening to the radio, and in the morning, he always asks a question to kick it off.

One clever one he asked was “What movie scarred you for life?”

For me, Paranormal Activity, Children of the Corn and The Sixth Sense

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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The Birds. I was only 7 and of course my brother had a pet bird at the time. Trust me, he used that against me.

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Halloween II. I swear that movie totally traumatized me as a kid. I didn’t understand much English then, and didn’t catch that Michael Myers was no longer human. I was like, how can one man do all that? And with one dinky little knife! In those days, I guess killers didn’t need big ass exaggerated implements of murder to do their deeds. Still, when I first saw that, it was like in 1992 or something. I had definitely seen much worse. Presumably…

Especially though, what freaked me out was his robotic movements and complete unrelenting advance. He’s always so slow…and yet… the chase scenes are always really long, and the tension got to me. I’ll remmeber the ending chase scene forever, with its Industrial like track that sounds like trains having sex.

It was pretty much my first slasher movie, (besides Child’s Play 1 to 3) even though I’d been watching horror movies forever. None scared me like this one did. In fact…I stayed away from horror for a long time after that. My secret shame…I didn’t want anything to do with it anymore. this is how it truly scarred me. That’s humour, but like, actually isn’t.

Thing is, that movie is so goddamn tame today…but in my mind at the time, it was something else entirely. But it’s really funny how my interpretation of a lot of the movie was completely way off, due to me missing important facts about it. I basically scared myself with what I was imaging going on or why so and so.

Still, pictures, atmosphere and death can’t lie. It did it for me. I was scared at night for a long time, and knew that hiding under my blankets wouldn’t help if he decided to come after me. When Laurie puts pillows under the sheets and runs off, Michael falls for it…then proceeds to furiously stab the pillows to death, until he realizes it isn’t her.

That bastard murdered some pillows.

Of course I knew he wasn’t real and wasn’t gonna come after me…but the movie was intense enough for me to perhaps not quite believe that anymore at night haha.

I love horror, but Halloween II holds a special place in my heart for having been able to scare me so much. Even though when I watch it today, it’s pretty fucking funny. XD

There are two other notable horror flicks that shook me up a bit, but this one takes the cake, by miles.

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I don’t think any have. But my mom claims “The Exorcist” scarred her for life; hence why I will probably never see it…

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My little pony.

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The Evil Dead. =S

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I can’t think of a single scary movie that scarred me, or made me wary of similar content in the future.
However, I will never forget when I was 4 years old, and saw this particular scene in Jaws.
In that scene, one of them dives into the water to take a look around, and is surprised by a corpse that has an eyeball floating out of it’s head, but still anchored in the socket by what appears to be yellow string. That scene had me freaked out. The second time I saw it, I wasn’t bothered at all. I think it may have been my first ever movie jump scare.

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@Prosb Oh yeah lol. That scene made me jump lol. And I was like, 28. XD

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The Amityville Horror scared me on levels that have never been frightened before or since. I found myself noticing I was getting up for my nightly whiz at 3:15. bad dreams everything. To this day I dislike scary movies and won’t willingly watch one.

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I’ve never been interested in watching horror films but I did see Jaws in 1975 when I was 15, I don’t think I was ever able to swim in the sea after that without being nervous about sharks.


“Psycho” (1960). It’s the reason why I don’t take showers alone anymore.

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Dum, dum…....thu, duh, dum…....thum, thum, thum, dum, thum, thum….. Gotta be the Jaws baby. I am always leery of going into any ocean water source even more after Jaws.

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“The Picture of Dorian Grey”. The sudden appearance, in a black and white movie, of a portrait of a hideous man, in color, made me afraid of the possible startling depiction of horror on TV or in movies. I shut my eyes (the music usually gives a hint it’s coming) or look away. I don’t mind a zoom in, but sudden full-screen mutilization or the like and I’m under my seat.

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One of the Friday the 13th movies. I was about 8 and turned on the TV- there it was… someone getting their head split in half. I tried ¼ of one of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Having dreams invaded seemed too real for me at that time, and couldn’t sleep right for months. I don’t like scary movies at all for that reason.

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I fucking refuse to sit alone at night & watch The Shining, not all the way through anyway.
It’s not that scary, damn fine movie actually, but that bastard kid saying “red rum, red rum” in a voice that sounds like grandma with bronchitis & other notable spooky bits, decides my fate. I’m off to bed with my tail between my legs, which feels quite sexy if truth be told.

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At my workplace we found a red stick of ram and at the exact time we saw it we said “RED RAM RED RAM”


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Wow….good question. Mine will be answered in several parts. One of the movies that scarred my life is “Dawn of the Dead”. The original version. (The only version for me) For it was while watching this movie….being filled with almost a sense smothering and claustrophobia, with no place to go to get away from the zombies….it was this moment that I realized that even though my Parents love me unconditionally…..that there were some situations that a hug, or climbing into Mom’s lap couldn’t fix. This was quite a jolt for me. I actually almost got sick during this movie (the part where the black guy bites his wife)....but things have changed and this is now one of my favorite Horror movies.
Another movie that scarred me, was the Exorcist. This movie literally freaked the shit out of me… the point that I still do not watch this movie alone. After watching this movie it became apparent to me (And YES, I already believed in God), that if there was a God….then there was surely a Devil…..and when the Devil set his sights on someone…they were pretty much fucked. And that it didn’t really matter if you were a “good” model citizen….or a piece of shit, he could get to you regardless.
As far as what movie haunted my dreams, and made me scared to go to bed at night….it was Salem’s Lot. When the undertaker jumped down in the grave, and busted the coffin open…to find the little boy with the white pupils and vampire teeth. Then the little boy was scratching on his friends window…..This movie caused me night terrors…that continued for years. I had started reading the novel….and when the nightmares got too bad, my parents took the book from me. It wasn’t until I found the book, many months later, and finished it, that the nightmares stopped. I LOVE vampire movies now….cause of the big part they played, and the obstacles they caused me at night that I had to overcome. Shit. :)

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@Only138 Wow…great insight on how those movies led to other things, and realizations. The Dawn of the Dead one goes pretty far.

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