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What's the most uncivilized thing you've seen someone do?

Asked by Faidle (668points) October 25th, 2011

I’d like to quote Blackberry for my answer of this question…
“When someone’s raping you? Trying to kill you? And when they’re cursing at your granda?” or something to that effect.
So basically, if you curse at grandmas you’re uncivilized. ;)

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Spit on a homeless man, who was crying, next to a grave… >:(

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Deliberately smash a little girl on the head with a giant block of ice.

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I wouldn’t have answered this question, or at least not this way, until I saw your topic “your mom.” LOL. I was living with my parents when my mother died and sometime, several weeks or a month or two after my mom died my dad, all of a sudden, took to spitting in the kitchen sink. He had always had post nasal drip problems but this was something so out there for him, so way beyond the ordinary. I was horrified. I don’t remember exactly what I said to him, I did basically tell him to just stop it, what the hell is wrong with you, but I remember thinking: “Oh my god! Was 47 years of marriage to my mother the only thing that stood between my father being a civilized man and being a complete brute, an animal?” I have seen many other things, but I am not sure what exactly you are going for by using the term “uncivilized” as opposed to any number of other words you could use to describe bad or evil behavior. I just kind of responded to your “your mom” topic on this one.

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Drop their trousers and shit on a level crossing in the middle of town. There was a public toilet less than 100 yards away too.

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Some mother fucker watched as her child peed on the Walmart floor. The parent looked me in the eyes, snatched (literally snatched) the girl by her arm and said, “come on, lets go” rather than telling an employee what happened so it could be cleaned.

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Define uncivilized. Some things can’t be explained at that current moment but you never know what happened in the past. For instance whoever spited on that homeless man may have a reason .,. that guy could have been the one who caused the death of that someone in the grave.
Don’t judge on the sight and rather try to understand it.

Only uncivilized things I watch and I can judge on the spot are racists.

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Have sex with a girl in a night clubs toilets before stealing her bag and running away.

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Saw a kid take a dump in the apartment complex’s pool. I haven’t gone near it since.

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Spitting in public is my biggest pet peeve.
Not long ago some guy spit right as I was walking by him and it splattered on my shoe. I can’t beleive how uncouth people are. Gah!

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I saw a homeless man drop his pants and shit in a public park in Boston years ago. I chalked that up to mental illness. Day in, day out, I’d say the public expulsion of mucus and other fluids from the mouth/nose onto a street or sidewalk is pretty damn uncivilized.

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^ Oh, should have clarified. The “kid” was about 12 years old. Not a toddler.

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I knew someone who would pick, inspect and eat boogers in semi-public and, when he hacked up his loogies, he would play with them in his mouth for a while before swallowing. The same guy also had the worst-worst eating habits—he sounded like a chorus of pigs at a trough. One day, I realized he also deep-dived his nose with his thumb and licked his fingers while cooking meals to be served to others.

I just couldn’t go near him without wincing.

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Nooooo! Say it isn’t so! Gah…I feel ill now!

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@Coloma I wish it wasn’t, I truly do. I see this guy around and skitter, skitter away!

I should take this guys pix and put it on this thread because he seems to have won the gross award XD

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This thread should be rated NSFS- Not Safe For Stomachs. Bleh.

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I didn’t see it but mu niece did. She saw someone get hit by a car (hit and run) and then someone else came up and stole the victims purse.

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You win! That’s horrible! :-/

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@Judi- yeah you win. I’ll sit next to that creepy guy rather than have to see what you saw. :(

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I didn’t see it myself, so I don’t really win. My niece saw it. She thought the guy was trying to help her.
It was in North Las Vegas. she moved back to Oregon shortly after that.

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Drink a pint of vomit for a bet, not their own ! :-/ if that makes a difference Urrrgh!!!!!!
Rugby club games…....

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I honestly don’t see any need to spit on a person, and that is one of the most disgusting, discraceful things anyone can do to another being. Also, there is NO circumstance whatsoever that spitting on a person would be okay.
And the most uncivilized thing I personally have experienced is: It was my graduation day and I had two of my friends, who were from out of town, come and visit for my graduation (My two friends are black males, who came to a “po-dunk”, hick-ville, town where black people are non-existant). As my two friends walk into the gym where the ceremony was to take place, the entire gym quiets down and just stares at these two well-dressed males walking across the gym to take their seats. It just blows me away that they could be so rude as to quiet down and stare at these two guys, who are also the best-dressed men in the entire gym.

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On a Greek island there is living the missing link, I am sure.
We were in a tavern with a whole bunch of friends when this guy who farted several times, and proud of it stood up from his chair and when asked where he answered that he would go to the beach the beach that has hundreds of people on it every day.
To do what, he was asked then, to which he replied that he was going to take a dump on it.
Mind you, a perfectly fine working, clean toilet within 5 meters available…
What an asshole.

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I saw a guy carve open a cat’s throat with broken glass from a bottle. He was laughing like a manic while his buddy was holding down the cat. Really fucking disturbing and sick. I went back home, told my dad about it and started crying haha. But yeah, that guy was a fuckin uncivilized prick.

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“I saw a guy carve open a cat’s throat with broken glass from a bottle.”

That totally sucks! I’d love to see such acts of cruelty treated as murder, so that those mega aholes would get life imprisonment. A lot of people like that are nascent serial killers anyway.

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Drag their little boy by the hair down into the cellar and leave him there in the dark for hours.

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@Brian1946 I do believe that doing that to an animal is a crime, even if it doesn’t belong to anyone. Don’t quote me about the not belonging to anyone though, but I think so anyways, even if it probbaly just leads off to some more concrete thing, along the lines of disorderly behaviour or something.

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@Symbeline, that’s awful… :/
@Neizvestnaya… What? D’:<

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sue me for ten million dollars

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“I do believe that doing that to an animal is a crime, even if it doesn’t belong to anyone.”

Good point and I agree.

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Okay, @Symbeline wins his round!
Ugh..evil, evil, I’d have gone to jail if I witnessed that, right after I split his head open with the biggest rock I could hoist. Grrrr!

Cats today, women tomorrow. A sociopath in training no doubt. :-(

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It did piss me off at the time, but I was also too scared to do anything so I fucked off, lawlz.

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@AshLeigh: I had an uncle who was horrible to his youngest son, my playmate and he would often abuse the boy when I was babysat in their house. His favorite way to torture us was to put us in the floor cellar, turn out the lights so he could wrap himself in a bear skin and then growl and chase us in the dark. For years we thought there was a real monster called “the ha” down there. It took my grandparents a long time to believe me about what would happen in that house. People are assholes in what they think is funny.

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@Neizvestnaya, that’s absolutely horrible. I’m sorry. :/

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I’d like to change my answer.

It’s now “pepper spray a group of people because they won’t stand up and move”.

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