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What do you think about the new Kindle Fire tablet ?

Asked by Buttonstc (27597points) October 25th, 2011 from iPhone

I just saw an ad for it. Apparently it’s more than just a book reader since it can be used for Internet and has Apps.

The intriguing part is that it’s only $200.00 is this too good to be true or to last long?

What are the pros and cons ?
What are its limitations ?

I would be interested in your thoughts on this new product.

Would you consider buying one? Why or why not?

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There a was a short discussion of the Kindle Fire on this thread three weeks ago. It’s just hard to say. You can’t really beat the price, but you are really tied in to Amazon products it seems.

There was this article on the BBC today and it seems to be causing Amazon some trouble. I would be a little concerned about that. Amazon is really depending on the sales of its own content to subsidize and recoup it’s investment on the device. I would be worried that they might have to make the terms of service, or their product offerings maybe more restrictive or more expensive in order to make the Kindle Fire profitable. I would be concerned about getting locked into the device. But it is only $200… price… it’s iffy I think. But that’s $200 that could be put aside to save for another device that has more flexibility. The technology comes out so fast. I would wait, I think. Squirrel away my 200 bucks and save for something else. Just my opinion. But you can’t beat the price. :- ) Oh my! I hate the choices sometimes. Anyway, I bought an iPad a couple of years ago and it cost me enough that it will be my device for quite some time to come. :-)

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I started that thread. :-)
My mother is getting the ipad instead of the Kindle Fire. But she only has a desktop computer and doesn’t have a cell phone that accesses the internet. So she’s okay with spending more than double for an ipad.

I’m going to get the Fire (and give my daughter my current kindle). I love that I can get my email so that’s a major bonus for me but mainly, I want to read. I have a mac book pro laptop that I use for travel. Ideally would love an ipad but know my kids would want to steal it when I want to read my books (they love angry birds). So it would cause more issues and more money.

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The main reason I’m asking for a regular Kindle instead of the Kindle Fire for Christmas is that I LOVE the battery life on the regular Kindle. I borrowed my friend’s Kindle, read on it for a month and didn’t have to charge it one time.

My husband bought me an off-name tablet last Christmas, and because it’s full color and does so much more than just store books, the battery life sucks (the tablet itself kinda sucks too, but I’ve tried to not tell my hubby that, lol. He was trying to get me something amazing, God bless him.). I figure the Kindle Fire will pretty much be the same, since it’s full color and browses the web and such… I want it for books anyway, so I think the regular Kindle is the way to go! But that’s just my opinion. =0)

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I see exactly what you’re saying and if your primary use is reading a regular one will do.

I primarily want to do web browsing on something larger than my iPhone and since the ipad still won’t deal with flash vids any better than the phone, I’m looking into other options.

And the $200 price doesn’t hurt any either :)

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