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Are you more productive as part of a team or as an individual?

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depends what it is that you are doing…....

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I’m both productive and an individual no matter what I am doing.

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As a team my reach and accomplishments are far greater. But I do not do too shabby alone either. Most of my best work accomplishments could not have been done unless I was alone.

One positive is that as part of a team I have the accountability that keeps me from slacking off.

So the answer for me is for my work – alone. But as a member of a group that raises money for animal charities we do exponentially better as a group.

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I ride solo.

Though, having a little backup support is always nice.

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I work well with other people but am a huge producer on my own.

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I am productive, group or alone makes no difference.

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Definitely individual. Other people just get in my way.

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Couldn’t of had my sons without a little teamwork from my husband!

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Individual, no doubt. If I work with other people, I spend a lot of time redoing what they do.

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Depends on the task and what I deem to be the most advantageous for myself or my interested parties. I’m strong playing all sides.

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It depends on what I’m doing & who I’m with. If you don’t get the job done in good time, get out of my way. I’ll do it myself.

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I’ve learned that even when you have a team or a group helping you, you’ll always need to depend on yourself the most.

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I prefer working alone, although I don’t mind company in the area, I just don’t need their help to get the job done. In most cases anyhow.

I also hate playing doubles tennis, but love singles.

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As part of a team I know others are counting on me which really pushes me.

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It certainly depends on the team – if they’re functional people, I will thrive. If they’re useless, I will be productive but unhappy about it. I don’t think I have a preference working alone or in a team, I just know that if I am working by myself, it’ll lead to success inevitably but if I’m working in team, they can screw it up for me arrogant, but I get shit done

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Better on a team, but can go solo with the right motivation/inspiration.

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Leading a team.

Otherwise, alone.

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By myself, when it comes to work. As a team when it comes to family.

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In a supervisory position, like I’m in now, I work well on a solo basis when it comes to minor projects and administrative tasks. When looking at the bigger picture, the military constantly stresses teamwork and for good reason because that is critical when accomplishing your organization’s mission. My subordinates and I work very effectively as a team and that overshadows the individual efforts somewhat but even those don’t go unnoticed and are highly appreciated also.

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I do better on my own.

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independently. i hate doing group work. hate it, hate it, hate it.

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At 66 I’m just learning how really good I can be as part of a team. Always thought I couldn’t do it. Wish I’d known. Or maybe it’s a (very) late development….

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I’m ok going it alone and enjoy it sometimes but mostly like working with a team. I learn more that way and get walk away with great ideas I wouldn’t have gotten on my own. Brainstorming gets very exciting.

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Most of the time I work better on my own but of course it depends on the task and who my team are.

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United we stand, devided we fall.

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Speaking creativity—I do theatre, so the premise is that it is collaborative. (Even if it is a solo show, unless you plan to operate lights, rip tickets yourself, it’s a collaborative work. And ultimately, it’s a collective experience with the audience.)

Certainly working with other actors they are able to bring in ideas and energy that I could not alone. If (as a director) I did not structure a production that captialise on this and gave space for other team members to input the end result would be less strong.

However, I have discovered that I also need time to be alone with the material. In fact some of the most significant breakthroughs have often come when I am alone in the studio. It’s much easier to listen to myself when I am alone, and dig deeper. then I bring it back to the group.

In short: a combination of both. I just realised it’s the same even with my tai chi practice. While it’s mainly a solo form, an important element is the push-hands aspect, where you test your form against an opponent. So there’s both the internal spiritual + health aspect, but there is also the martial art aspect, which informs your understanding of the form.

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It depends on the task. Using my musical experience as an example, I am talented and strong enough to perform solo, but also feel that it is just as important to play well in an ensemble.

This applies in my non-musical life as well.

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Depends on the task at hand. For example Cooking a large Christmas Dinner, I need help and work better with other Chefs in the kitchen. BUT rearranging furniture, I wanna be the only one doing it. In that instance 2 heads are not better then one. Great Question!

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