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Men, have you ever dated a woman who could beat you up?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) October 26th, 2011

Does anyone have experience dating a woman who was highly trained in a martial art or boxing? Perhaps she lifted weights?

Have you ever asked such a woman out? Would you?

Did this have any surprising effects on the relationship? I am curious to hear if this adds unexpected emotional complexity to interactions.

This question is not about abusive relationships in any way. I am trying to get at the assumed power dynamics of male/female relationships.

Please feel free to answer if you have experience in a GLBT relationship within which a normal power balance was reversed for you

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Heck, I married one…. ;)

I prefer strong, capable women. It’s the helpless shrinking violet types that I am totally turned off by.

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I am three years with her now.
No martial arts, boxing or karate though…., she is a tickling champion I lose every fight.
It doesn’t have a negative effect on our relationship.

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All of them.

I like it that way.

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No. That’s on the wrong fetish side of town if you know what I mean, thank God. Haha. But I do have my fetishes. Let’s just say I would actually want to be a few feet away from that one.

Okay that may have been to much. Yep.

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Something I’d like to have a go at but I’ve never been with a woman who I couldn’t take down if it came to that.

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I haven’t, but I would like to. This woman looks like a good start for a beginner like me. Lol.

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Why does it have to be someone with training or someone who lifts weights? I don’t do either of those things, but I’m absolutely confident that if it came down to it, I could hold my own in a fight. Not because I’m a skilled fighter or especially buff, but just because I am ruthless in a fight.

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@ANef_is_Enuf doesn’t have to be. Just trying to be clear it is a foregone conclusion. You do not suspect that the person could beat you up. You are pretty sure they could, and badly.

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Only in my fantasies, unfortunately. ;-)

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Can’t all women beat you up so long as they know how to use household weapons? And children who have achieved some level of fine motor control?

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um. this is hilarious.

Imadethisupwithnoforethought's avatar

@Aethelflaed of course. I have always been physically stronger than my girlfriends, and I have never considered what it would be like to date someone physically stronger than me. Have you dated someone stronger than you? Please tell me about it

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Up and down.

repeatedly . . . to completion.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Most of them have been stronger than me. A few weren’t physically stronger than me, but I haven’t dated anyone who couldn’t defend themselves physically through some means.

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But then I haven’t dated that many.

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Woah that’s crazy, @Blackberry , how did you find that video of me?

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When I was dating, I was 6’3, 185 to 225 lbs.
No, not that I remember.

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@boxer3 You’re the second woman I’ve mistaken as a dude. :/ Ooops. But congratulations, the Spartan warriors called and said they need you in battle.

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I’ve been able to beat up all of my ex-boyfriends.

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How did they handle it? Was it ever weird?

even the stripper? :)

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@Blackberry, hahaha, no worries: and is that so, well damn- on my way.


Never. All the women I’ve dated have always been really nice, gentle, lady-like and feminine.

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My yin and yang is well balanced, and, I could squeeze the life out of you with these american thighs. lol

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In college, this guy liked me and while flirting, he tried to wrestle with me. I accidentally threw him about 10 feet away onto a bed. He thought it was hysterical. I was sick—couldn’t date someone I could throw 10 feet.

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Yes, it was hot.

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My ex husband once told me that if I ever got raped it would be my own fault because I was strong enough to fight a guy off (not including himself of course.) I laid in wait for about 6 months. We came across a huge, huge guy, about 6’6, probably 280 at a lumber yard. I said, “What would you do if that guy wanted to hurt you?”
His instant response was, “Nothin’! What could I do??!!”
At which point I reminded him of his idiotic comment months earlier.

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