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Who is in #2 on your cell phone speed dial?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36153points) October 29th, 2011

1 is reserved for Voicemail, so who is actually #1 on your list (ie: in speed dial 2.)

When I was in the wireless industry, programming phones for people, almost invariably “Mom” would be #2 on the speed dial list, no matter how old the customer was. I thought that was cool.

My Mom has passed, or she’d be there now.

My husband is in #2, my son in #3, my daughter in #4, my other daughter in #5, and Pizza Hut in #6. (Don’t ask me why. We order pizza maybe twice a year!)

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No one. Only Voice Mail on # 1.

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There’s a speed dial? God, I’m so old!

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I don’t think 1 is voicemail on my phone. I think 1 is 911. I have my head programmed to press and hold 1 if I am in an emergency situation, and I would sure hate to do that and just get my husband’s voice saying “I’m at the store. Do you need anything?”

My husband’s cell is 2, home (land line) is 3, and my sons are 4 and 5. I’m a long way from being ready to give up my land line; I still want to be able to reach and be reached as a household in a fixed location.

I just checked: 6 is still my mother, but I don’t think there’s any phone service where she is now.

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I’ve put my girlfriend (2) and family (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9) and friends (8 ;-) ) in my speed dial, but I never use it.
Usually I go to the call log and choose from there they’re always in the top of the log.

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Damn. 1 is voicemail. Why isn’t it 911? Maybe that was my old phone. Well, I guess having a message from my husband or son as the last thing I hear before I lose consciousness wouldn’t be so bad.

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@Jeruba 911 used to be in 9…but people were pocket dialing 911 so they took it out.

Jill…yeah. You can set the phone so that when you want to call people who you call often you just hold down one key. When I call my husband I just hold the #2 key down until it says it’s dialing. Used to be you could only go 2 – 0, but now you can go 2 and 3 digits.For what that’s worth. Really..who’s going to remember that someone is in speed dial 43???

@rebbel My husband doesn’t use the speed dial either, and it frustrates me to death. I’ll ask him to call my phone and he’ll screw around with the phone book list instead of just punching and holding 2, which is where I programmed me into his phone.

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@Dutchess_III We are boys, we like to fiddle with our gadgets :-)

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Even while you’re driving. Driving me NUTS!!!

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My own home phone, listed as “White House” because it is white and has pillars…mostly because it’s white though, the pillars are only 4×4’s. I guess if I had labeled #2 “home”, then I would be giving that one up if I ever dubbed up and lost the phone and somebody rifled through it.

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Mine is “home” (land-line), which is silly, because I no longer have a land-line. I need to fix this. #3 is my husband’s cell phone, and he is my ICE, so his name appears in bright red in my contacts list.

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George Soros.

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You’ve been a busy beaver today @ratboy!

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My sweetie is #2 and mom #3 because she often can’t hear her celly ringing, has let the battery die or has left it at home. I know for sure my guy has his phone at all times and checks his text and missed calls because he has children and is in full alert mode at all times.

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Mom is #2 and sister is #3.

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#2 is my husband and #3 is my daughter. =0)

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I don’t know. I set it up when I first got the phone and now I can’t remember how to use the speed dial. I suspect it’s not that hard at all, one of those “a monkey could do it” sort of things but I don’t know how and just don’t bother because I don’t really need speed dial. There’s no one I call more than once day, if that. Most of the time I just check my recents list and the person I want to call is usually there so I call them using that method.

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You’re trippin’ me out, Lilly! You’re over there in Meta boxing Google and Twitter CEO’s around to take care of our “Content Farm” issue…then you’re here going “I don’t know how to set that up in my cell phone!”

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@Dutchess_III LOL. I guess it’s my swiss cheese brain. If some bit of information or skill lands on the cheese” part of my brain, it’s sits there, it stays and I can access it; I’m good to go. But if information enters my brain and lands in one of the cheese’s holes, it just passes through and is gone forever. It’s pretty random. Having a swiss cheese brain is a real curse, I can tell you that. :-)

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I have a smart phone. I don’t have speed dial. Just a contact list with favorites. I don’t even get to decide who the favorites are. The computer phone does that all by itself.

If I had speed dial, then home would be in position 2. My wife’s cell phone in position 3. Then my daughter. Then probably my parent’s home phone. They don’t use their cells.

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I don’t use the speed dial on my phone (not even sure if it’s an option). Instead, I have certain numbers bookmarked on my home screen. I just push the icon and it calls that person/number. The first one is my husband, then my mom, my best friend, my step-dad, my SIL, my brother, my MIL, and another SIL. :)

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My dad is #2 and my mom is #3.

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I’ve never set that stuff up. I’m lazy.

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It’s even lazier to just dial with one button.

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Can you speed dial on iPhones? Not that I would use it, because I had it on my own phone and could never remember who was which number. Back then, #2 was either Mum mobile, Dad mobile, Mum home, or Dad home.

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My eldest.

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My home landline number is #2, my partner’s mobile is #3, his work number is #4 and my daughter’s mobile is #5. I don’t have any others set.

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