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Simplest, fastest, cheapest, start-anytime, accredited, online AA degree?

Asked by whitnail (7points) October 29th, 2011

I’m a self-learner finally hitting the paperwork wall. New job requires an AA, must be from a regionally accredited school, but no other restrictions whatsoever. This is sheer paperwork, not about an intrinsic education at all. I have about 20 units already, I’m looking to spend no more than 5,000 dollars—I want to start right now, I want to go as quickly as possible thru the coursework, and I want it to be online. Any ideas? Google results are stacked with sponsored links—my search string skills have failed me on this one. I’m looking for inside knowledge from an education professional. Gracias.

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Have you looked into the local colleges in your area to see if they offer the program you are interested in online? Many colleges are offering classes online these days and local community colleges are often a lot cheaper than universities and big name colleges.

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Community colleges definitely have online classes. 5,000 should be more than enough. Usually an AA takes about 2 years to finish. You need to obtain 60 units for an AA. Within the 60 GED units, you’ll have to satisfy your major. Moving onto your question now. How about journalism? Depending on your dedication and research skills it should be a breeze. National University is talked about a lot as well.

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