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A couple more Minecraft Questions.

Asked by XOIIO (18113points) October 30th, 2011

Alright I ahve a couple more questions for you guys regarding to MineCraft.

1: How do you add commands to essentials? I want to add a /info command and others, for help, contact information, and whatnot. I’ve tried a few things but it doesn’t work.

2: Is there a way to make a region change a players group, and ideally spawn? We have an initiation puzzle to solve, to weed out those who we would rather not have play XD, and at the end of the maze I have a congratulations region. Is there a way to make this region change the players group and possibly spawn when they enter it? This way I could have the default with no permissions but /help, and then expand it once they finish.

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Are you familiar with the Minecraft Wiki? My husband loves it. You may be able to find your answers there.

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@bobbinhood I;ve checked through all the worldguard, regions, and essentials pages but nothing really stood out. I’m still looking but I haven’t had much luck.

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Hey, can I get the ip? I’d like to play with you guys. I can only hope that I get through initiation.w

XOIIO's avatar, its got the hours lsited in the spawn, and the maze is basic, ill be on a while tonight

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