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Is there something you could literally eat every day of the week?

Asked by zensky (13418points) November 2nd, 2011

Or five days a week?

Would you be satisfied, say, eating the same kind of sandwich for lunch every day?

What if you had to – on the proverbial deserted island – eat only one food…

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Pizza or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Which I oft do.

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do innocent smoothies count? or are they technically a drink? do you have innocent smoothies in the US? they are Amazing. I could have them everyday if i could afford it!

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I ate sandwiches with young cheese for years, (almost) every evening.
So that’s a yes.

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I have eaten Tina’s beef and bean burritos for every meal since Sunday.

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There are lots of things I can eat everyday. I have often gone for extended periods eating the same thing for breakfast or lunch.

For years i had a half grapefruit and two toasted slices of Oroweat Honey Wheatberry bread with no spread of any kind. And for a long time I took a fruit salad and cottage cheese for lunch everyday.

Lately I have been having three slices of turkey bacon and one egg on a whole wheat tortilla for breakfast every morning, and the same light salad everyday.

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Cookie dough
Ice cream
Cookie dough ice cream. there we go

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I would never tire of pizza, particularly if it’s got jalapenos on it.

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Cheese of some sort.

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I really do not like hamburgers, but a hamburger does contain just about everything a human needs for their daily intake of meat, and proper veggies. Add cheese and the circle is complete.

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Yes. A soup. I never get tired of it but I can’t eat it all week because the other family members want diversity. Sometimes I cook 2 soups so I can enjoy mine while they have something else available.

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Pizza, general tso’s chicken, a #9 from Jimmy John’s, loaded nachos. . . Any of those things.

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Toasted cheese sandwich.

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I really do eat cheese everyday. It’s usually colby/jack in food, extra sharp cheddar sliced in hunks or cottage cheese with lunch.

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@Neizvestnaya I do admit that I eat cheese every day too. Gooey, tangy, melty cheese!

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I don’t know how long I’m going to keep it up but I’ve been eating a salami and pepperoni sandwich on wheat with honey mustard for everyday of the last week and a half.

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Pho… always pho.

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I know it’s not very healthy but I am happy if I have any sort of noodles, just change up the sauce now and then or the broth and I am good!

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I eat breakfast sausage, egg and toast every day.

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If they were in season all year long, I’m certain I could eat Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes every single day. In the past, I have eaten them every day for the entire 2–3½ months when they were available and would have happily continued.

Yukon Gold potatoes are a possibility as a second candidate. But they have to be the real deal. Not just some mass market ripoff known as “Gold” potatoes. Yukons have a flavor all their own.

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Oh absolutely. Unfortunately, you didn’t make the question NSFW so I can’t post the answer here. :-)

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I eat steel cut oatmeal with a t. of organic maple syrup every day for breakfast. It’s easy, delicious, filling, good for me and similar to the fountain of youth.

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Every single day I have something chocolate, milk, and coffee. Every day.

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Bread. Daily. With butter.

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I have no appetite ever and I can only eat when I force myself. I usually am @ the grocery store and wandering around like an idiot.

But if I had to survive on one thing and one thing only I suppose that would be boneless, skinless chicken thighs since I know I need to eat to survive and it for some reason is the only meat I can ever decide to get and will force myself to eat it when I do get hungry and it always has to be with some kind of vegetable so I can feel like I’m doing myself some good.

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apple a day….keep the dr. away.

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^ Absolutely true.

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