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Who would you name as the person to represent humanity?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) November 3rd, 2011

Imagine that an alien race has arrived at Earth and is weighing whether to exterminate human kind or befriend us. Suppose they ask for a short list of human beings whose lives will be examined in detail to see if our species can be elevated to a place where we should join the galactic party. These nominees will be people who have achieved significant things, but consciously avoiding doing harm as well. Whose name do you want included on their list?

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Noam Chomsky.

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Me. What? :P

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The Doctor, and Jack Harkness.

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Morgan Freeman could save all of us!

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Jesus. Or Ben Stiller.

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To be honest, I think a child molester would give them a pretty accurate portrayal of human nature. Seems nice with giving out candy, but truthfully is a hideous monster.

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Chuck Norris! We will be saved!

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Benjamin Netanyahu

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That depends if I decided to trick them in to thinking we are worth keeping or not. If I wanted them to think we are good people I would point them to Sam Harris.

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Mickey Rooney, the little guy who just refuses to die.
I’d put Tintin in as an able replacement should Rooney keel over in all the excitement.

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Mahmud Achmendinalinglong.

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The Dalai Lama

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I’ll second blackberry’s Noam Chomsky. There are very few rational and intelligent people that have a public image. He’s a linguist and a philosopher, what better representative to meet a new race?

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Lady Gaga

She an artist, a visionary, socially conscious and has a great set of pipes.

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Chomsky is also a piece of shit.

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Carl Sagan
Marquis De Sade

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I’m not sure, I’ll have to really think about that. Someone who definetly has a great sense of humor for one thing! By the way, how on God’s green Earth, and in the details, can a dead notable person be an example! Good grief.

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Another vote for Chomsky. @zensky , didn’t you like ‘The Fateful Triangle’?... yeah, of course you don’t like him.)

@Blackberry Chomsky is outspoken against Israel….

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Stephen Hawking or Richard Dawkins

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John Muir

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The highest successfully-rated, and living, police-hostage negotiater?

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Michael Jacksons Doctor

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Louis Farrakhan


Bob Marley

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I’m dropping this question.

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Hm. Well, I was thinking a living person, but some of these dead guys would look pretty good on paper. Although I think another species might interpret our lack of living good people to be a strike against us.

Chomsky is intelligent, speaks out against war, seemed to have the pairing thing down (married for 59 years), changes his mind on occasion, sees both the promise and the disappointment of what we do. So I think that’s a good one.

Pretty sparse representation of women. 2 including Gaga. Whatever she does well, I can’t see that her life is a message to others that we are a good species. Only that some of us can do whatever we want and get away with it.

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Mister Rogers

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A married father of four under 17 who works at a beverage distributor in Dayton, OH. I believe his name is “Joe Average”.

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Another vote for Noam Chomsky.

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Actually. Stephen Fry is a much better idea. I suggest the entire remaining troupe from Flying Circus.

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Eddie Izzard

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Nelson Mandela. If he were alive.

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