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Why do some men, have this highschool jock complex; where they want the hot girl, want to be popular, etc, even when they've passed 30?

Asked by almostalice (42points) November 7th, 2011

This question has bugged me for the longest time as I’ve met and dated many of men who have this complex. It irks me especially since I know I’m not the hottest thing in the world but I’ve been rejected solely because I don’t look like the homecoming queen. I would love to hear what others have to say on this subject and help me understand what this is.


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Because some men are shallow, a condition that does not necessarily go away with time.

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That’s the way evolution works. The popular genes that continually replicate win the day.

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Um, who wouldn’t want the hot girl and to be popular if you could be? Assuming the hot girl was pretty interesting as well as hot. We are human beings. We are tribal creatures. Status is everything. If you can get it with hunkiness and sex appeal, then it’s easier than if you have to work hard for it.

Most of us have to work hard to get anyone to take us seriously. But if you could do it easily, wouldn’t you? If you could be popular (assuming you wanted it), wouldn’t you rather it just fell in your lap than you had to work hard for it?

Yeah, most of us say we wouldn’t want that because we value hard work. Anything that comes easy isn’t appreciated. I think that’s just making the best of a bad deal. Most people want to be hot. It just makes life easier.

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I think it’s because how society defines gender roles for men. They are taught not to cry, not to be emotional, they are superior to women, they are entitled to everything, they are stronger… They pretty much shot chivalry and threw it to butch dykes, like myself. I think it’s a complete lack of certain set of emotions. They would rather measure their weiner and act like Andrew Dice Clay (GAG!!! My step-douche aka step-father does this, mixed with some Who’s the Boss Tony Danza and the Fonz). Only makes them look like idiots. Still have yet to meet a real man, but I am not looking for or at dudes anyway. Goldstar lesbo here.

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That’s probably why they’re single.

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Because they’re insecure and shallow as hell.

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Because, they can.
Meh, Fuck ‘em.

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They are called douchebags.

Avoid them at all costs.

And definitely don’t watch jersey shore. I haven’t seen it but it sounds fucking horrible.

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Some men are just very immature. If you notice you keep meeting men like this, perhaps you need to reevaluate where you are meeting them.

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They have fallen into the societal trap of the ‘male’ role…

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At 30, one must accept the fact that he is no longer young, shrivel up and die.

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@zensky – I say no one is old til they can’t wipe their own ass. I made my ex go out driving around, hootin, hollerin and eggin (driveways and mailboxes, in the rain so nothing was damaged) when she turned 40 because she felt like she was old. Bullcorn! You’re only as old as you feel or make yourself feel. I was getting irritated by the old bag talk, so I made her get juvenile and it actually made her feel like she got a lot out. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and no one was harmed.



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They’re saving you the trouble of getting emotionally attached to a shallow dickhead, you should be glad they revealed their true colors so quickly. I think the key to understanding why guys behave like they do would be asking yourself why you’re attracted to guys who behave like this (you obviously have a pattern of dating these types of men). To put it another way, why are you attracted to the type of guy (at least enough to have a first date with) who is popular and likes young attractive women?

Is it because they’re attractive and have built up a confidence with women over the years? Is it not just as shallow on your part to be attracted to the “bad-boy”?

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I think the more important question is: Why are you attracted to douchebags?

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I resemble that remark. Just because I can’t wipe my own ass doesn’t mean I’m old.

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There are a few valuable nuggets of information posted above. Basically, it comes down to this: If we were all attracted to the same type of person, life would be even messier than it is. Please trust me when I say this: once you meet the right person, it won’t take long to know if he or she is the right person.

What becomes a challenge is when we stick to connecting with a particular type and not looking outside of the box. What we were attracted to in our teens is potentially doomed to fail. Sometimes it works out, but more often, it doesn’t.

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@GladysMensch Shallowness. That’s what they all have in common.

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It’s a masculinity thing. Don’t forget humans are a species after all. The “tougher” and “cooler” the better. I think 30 year olds grew up in the 90’s as teens and stuff, the decade of cool. So the mentality stuck.

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Oh I know the type of fella you’re on about, tiny penis dorkman!!
I’m okay, I got & kept the hot girl almost 20yrs ago now…,na,na,na,nah ;¬}

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I don’t remember wanting to be popular, just wanted to get laid. I’ve been out of high school for about 50 years and still want to get laid and still don’t care much about being popular.

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