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Traveling with plants?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1425points) November 12th, 2011

I’m planning on moving my small cacti “balcony garden” from one house to another. Only thing is I’ll be traveling to another country to do this.
I’d previously done this some years ago, but not with succulent plants.
This is how I did it: I simply removed all the soil and wrapped some of the plant’s roots in damp newspaper (but these were not cacti!). I laid them all on a low layer of slightly moistened soil, homogeneously so they could all fit without one interfering with the other.
all this was displayed in a hefty bag coated cardboard box, covered with the same structure, with a handle and transported easily cross-country.

I might want to add a couple other plants to the collection such as a small lemon tree I raised and so forth.
Any suggestions?

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Probably by seed or in-vitro tissue culture. Just read you are moving cacti. Are they rare or something? Is there a reason you can’t just get new plants after the move?

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@prioritymail No. The only reason is that I grew them for some time and care for those ones in particular.

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Why don’t you contact a nursery that ships plants like this and ask how they do it. Shipping may be the best option. A nursery I know that ships out all of these types of plants is Logee’s

They even sell various fruit trees (including lemon trees)

Good Luck with your move.

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Just make sure it’s legal to take them where you’re going. I know that in California, they stop you at the border and ask if you have any plants. Agriculture rich states are very worried about transporting insects that could devastate local crops.

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@creative1 @Judi Yes, thanks indeed.. I’m not in the U.S., though!

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You don’t have be in the U.S. The point is that you need to check where you are going and be sure that country doesn’t have rules about bringing in plants. I’m sure you can write to customs in the country to which you are going and get a list of what is and what is not allowed. You may even be able to do it by e-mail. Otherwise, you may see your beloved plants thrown in the trash before you’re allowed to enter.

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@Sunny2 Indeed. the remark was referred to the fact that I cannot contact “logee’s” for the shipping that @creative suggested.
I mentioned not being in the U.S. mainly so to give extra info for anyone else who might post further answers (just in case).
This because I often get replies to specific topics that are relevant only to those who live there. And sometimes these are not directly helpful to my given pursuit. :)

Yes, I’m aware of what you and judi are saying. It would indeed be horrible.

Well, really what I’m looking for is a technique of preserving them while I travel with them. Because it is already confirmed that I can enter the country with them.
Ah, PLUS I’m travelling by train.

good day all!

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@Anatelostaxus I was suggesting to contact a greenhouse or nursery that ships plants like the ones you have. Since your post did not say where you were living and I do live in the US I do know Logees does have all the plants you were asking about and does ship them if you happened to live in the US it would save you and internet search for a greenhouse that ships in your country. If you did go to the link I sent you they do have an email address under the contact us which is, I would try emailing them and see if they could answer your question about how to package them for shipping. They love plants there and anytime I have questions about anything regarding my plants even if I didn’t happen to buy them there they will answer it for me.

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@creative1 And I double thank you..! Pardon me if you have perceived any disregard in my replies.
Absit injuria verbis, mate.
I’ll try messaging them, though I want to avoid the expense of relying on a company.
cheers again.

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@Anatelostaxus Thanks for the clarification. You received better answers for solving your problem than I gave.

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