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How do the BSI test the safety of a product?

Asked by itsjustcruel (387points) November 12th, 2011

How do the BSI test the safety of a product, what are the names of the tests they would do to confirm that a product has no sharp edges or spiky parts?

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The test used depends on the product and it’s use. However they are not testing for safety (ie no sharp edges)so much as to ensure the product is fit for the purpose it’s sold for (ie a cycle helment will withstand a certain defined impact similar to that you may experience falling off a bike).

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Im doing a project for tech at school about Ice scrapers, so I mean how would they ensure that it doesnt scratch windows or cause damage to the person holding the handle.

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@itsjustcruel Testing, obviously, grab a bunch of windows from a scrap yard and get scraping.

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@XOIIO , yes obviously, but is there a name for the test, like trough testing?I know that they test the handle with something along the lines of ‘rough testing’ but I need the proper name, I can’t just write ‘get a bunch of windows from a scrapyard and get scraping’ can I?

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@itsjustcruel Field testing, possibly.

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