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Looking for (tattoo) artist?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) November 15th, 2011

I’m going to get my first tattoo with my family (me, my mother, and sister) and we were all going to get the same general thing, sounds corny but they mean the world to me.

We’re all getting roses, but all personalized to fit our liking and what not, I have something in mind but I just cant put it on paper, my tagging skills only really works for letters.

If anyone can just give me a rough sketch so I can just see what it would look like, or if someone just makes one perfect, I could use it…

What I’m looking for is a rose, in graffiti form… hard to explain but i have a picture of what I kind of want:

Graffiti has been a huge part of my life, and anything art related that is going to be on my body has to be related to it.

I’m getting the tattoo on my forearm, but I wanted the vines to kind of rap around to my wrist and branch off in two, and have the vines spell out my sisters, and mothers initials (REM, and AFR).

I’ve been thinking about this tattoo for at least 2 years and have finally come down to what I think is perfect. I’m looking around at local tattoo places and asking to see what they give me tomorrow but I haven’t been on fluther in the longest time, and thought that this would be a perfect way to see how this place is going ^_^..

thanks a lot guys, this would mean the world to me <3

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Local to where?

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@filmfann Central Jersey

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You might ask around here. It’s a much bigger pool of modded folks so they’re more likely to know of artists in your area.

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