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What should I buy my mother in law for christmas?

Asked by Brenna_o (1729points) November 16th, 2011

So i dont see her much because she lives 3000 miles away but i still want to send her a christmas present. My husband isnt too helpful because he just says a few small things like candy, or a gift card… I want to send her something meaningful but not too over the top expensive.

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What are her interests? Hobbies? Does she like to cook? To garden? To knit or sew? Does she have any collections (like frogs or boxes)?

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Oh crap, I just let it go outside. House Centipede.
If you don’t kill me I’ll give it some more thought.

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she likes tv, she loves to be around people, she always has her walls full of pictures, and she loves olive garden. she doesnt garden or cook she would rather go out to eat then cook. oh and she loves spending money and shopping

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Perhaps one of the new digital photo frames would be good.

Otherwise, what about a gift certificate (or a book of them) to her favorite restaurant.

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You can get her a nice scarf, a light sweater maybe. If you know what kind of books she’s into get her one she hasn’t read yet but would like to read. Earrings are a good option too, you can get them for a good price, nothing expensive. Casual but cute ones.

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A spa quality bathrobe along with a reusable heating/cooling pack, the kind made from the clay like stuff. You can squoosh or roll the pack into a size that goes right where you need. Tuck in a fancy boutique soap or bath oil and lavender seed filled eyes pack.

Arrange to have a shop deliver her a floral arrangement or flowering plant in time so she can have it on her table of choice for Christmas Eve. If you ask, many shops will also do little extras like enclose a pre paid gift card in the greeting- it could be for movie theater, restaurant or bookstore chain.

Harry and David online store has never let me down to deliver fancy fruit or candies to people wouldn’t usually buy themselves.

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How about a spa treatment for her and at least one friend, or more depending on the cost. She could take a friend and make a day of it. If it wasn’t too expensive throw in a gift card to Olive Garden,

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To add to @marinelife thought on digital photo frames, get one that allows you to upload new photos of your family. That way being so far away, she can see the changes in your family.
Gift Card to Bed Bath and Beyond, Yankee candles are always good.

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@blueiiznh “igital photo frames, get one that allows you to upload new photos of your family” I bought one for my dad and it caused nothing but problems. He would mess with it, unplug it, complain that it raised his phone bill (it was really the calls to my brother in California) and caused me nothing but extra service calls.

I suggest a gift card to Olive Garden and something nice for her house. Don’t buy things that will cause extra work or worry.

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@Ron_C I bought one for my parents and it works perfectly fine. Sorry you had a bad experience

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I think almost every gift I gave my mother-in-law was eventually given back to me. She knew I liked it, because I chose it. She had no used for it, so she put it away for me. So I agree with the spa treatment, restaurant dinner for two or Harry & David gift.

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Since she likes Olive Garden, get her a certificate for that restaurant with the idea that she could treat a few friends.

If she doesn’t already have a subscription, she might like a subscription to TV guide.

What kind of foods does she like? You can find some nifty sites that will send you MIL some fancy cheese, or gourmet cookies or cupcakes.

Dean and Deluca has a lot of good stuff.

Or Cherry Moon Farms

Here’s one called igourmet that specializes in artisan cheeses.

One of the best cheeses I ever tasted came from Cowgirl Creamery

The Winchester Cheese Co. specializes in fabulous Gouda cheese. I had some with peppers in it that was divine.

Maybe she would like something from the Carolina Cookie Company

Not sure where your MIL lives, but most areas have a service similar to “Susan’s Healthy Gourmet” where you get yummy pre-made meals sent to your house. You could get her a month’s subscription/supply or however it works. You’ll probably have to find a place in her area, though.

And last, but not least, if she has a favorite TV show, you could get her a DVD of a season of that show.

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Step ladder & a noose?

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Dean and Deluca has YUMMIES!

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