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Trekkies (Trekkers); how do you view Enterprise in the scheme of things Star Trek?

Asked by zensky (13357points) November 21st, 2011

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please don’t answer.

If you’ve been following Star Trek – and have seen the seven-odd seasons of all of the incarnations over the years, how do you see that anomaly that was Enterprise?

Love it or hate it? Most Trekkers are not indifferent about anything ST, let alone Enterprise.


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My feelings on Enterprise are the same as Star War: Revenge of the Sith: I refuse to acknowledge it as canon.

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I know you said don´t answer if you don´t know it, but I want to say thank you. I haven´t seen it yet. I hadn´t even heard of it. (living in the sticks has it´s downside) I´m going to look for it now and watch it.

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Ah, @zensky , such a question! BTW, I’ve been into the franchise since the very first episode aired in the 60s… I loved the premise, but they veered from brilliantly conceived episodes to just plain silly, with the latter winning out. What a shame, as the potential was very high. Inconsistency makes my teeth itch.

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It is an abomination. Archer was a retarded prick. He is dead to me.
I blame Rick Berman for this.
Fuck you, Rick Berman!

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I was intrigued in the first season, but exasperated when they suddenly had to invent all the Star Trek technology that existed in the other shows, so that the characters could get out of situations. The whole point was that Enterprise was supposed to occur before that technology. I expected it to be about the development of the ideals of the Federation, with a frontier feel, but I think the producers lost their nerve.

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I love what they were trying to do. I love that they acknowledge that the Star Trek used to be primitive enough that you couldn’t just close wounds by waving a wand over them, or solve most problems by rewiring a phaser to put out a different waveform.

As for the execution… like many things, it started with a bang and then jumped the shark.

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I love it, and not only because of t’pol’s rear end.

The show is a kind of missing link in the Star Trek universe, it is highly refreshing to see a star trek world where the prime directive does not exist yet. It bridges a big gap between present day and TOS.

Yes it has some massive holes, like where the hell are all the Dunubians in TOS and TNG? but we can just assume that genocide by the borg or some orther horror was the end of them.

Over all, I give the show an 8 out of 10.

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I never did get into it. Maybe I will give it a try again if it is playing on TV now. The actor who played the Captain, I like a lot of shows he is in, but there is something about him I am not keen on. Can’t explain, no logic behind it. I did like the show Quantum Leap, he starred in that also.

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It started to get good towards the end, but in the end it was doomed to failure.

They should’ve just kept going forward in canon.

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The way I see it…

Is there ever going to be another TOS? ... No

Is there ever going to be another TNG? ... Probably not

Embrace the newer Star Trek shows or let the franchise die. Personally I can just about quote every line of every show from TOS and TNG, they are great, but I have seen them all. I want more.

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The secret of Star Trek’s success really is that fans allow themselves to be sucked in in all of these, honestly, ridiculous dramatic scenarios. The science is one thing but take that away and you have the makings of the most soapy soap opera program. I love Star Trek but mostly the movies. I was not impress at all with the way they designed the bridge in Enterprise.

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Actually, Enterprise is my favorite (after the original series, of course).

I like the fact that the ship has got that prototype feel with the industrial construction.

I like the fact that the crew is coming to grips with that whole being a citizen of the universe thing, laying the foundation for the prime directive, and coming to the harsh realization that everyone out there is not necessarily friendly.

I give it two thumbs up!

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I really, really wanted to like/love it. I loved Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap. But Enterprise just seemed too much or too close to our now and not “Star Trekky” enough for me. It seemed boring. After the first 2 episodes, I just couldn’t get into it, unlike with STNG and Voyager, which drew me in immediately. I also didn’t get into Deep Space Nine, either (although I love Worf, Michael Dorn, but I think I loved him because he was part of the fantastic ensemble that was STNG). If you have a boring ensemble, it ain’t gonna work, no matter how much work you put into it. For me, Deep Space Nine seemed too serious and not friendly enough, or it just didn’t seem like it had enough inside jokes or something I just can’t put my finger on, even though they had Worf. Worf seemed out of place there, he belonged on the Enterprise!

So I guess part of it has to do with the cool Star Trekky gadgets (that hopefully have been taken directly from or inspired by the original series) or the ensemble cast has to have super chemistry between them.

I didn’t think I was going to like Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway, because I assumed she would just be too bitchy, but I ended up loving her and the whole Voyager ensemble. I had always hoped that she and Chakotay, Robert Beltran, would end up married. They had a great will they or won’t they thing going on, just like Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher (Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden). I even loved Wesley Crusher (Will Wheaton) who’s had a hoot of a time, lately, playing himself on The Big Bang Theory.

And if anyone wants to see one of my favorite fan videos of Picard and Crusher, check out This One with a great song called “Wait” by Matt Kearney. I’ve probably broken Youtube by playing this video so many times. And yes, I do have a big fat “L” on my forehead : )

Thanks @zensky for letting me prattle on about this subject!

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Never happened. What “Enterprise” Series?

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I am not a Star Trek purist in any way shape or form. I love everything Star Trek, no matter what. I even love the Star Trek fan fiction that I have read. I don’t see anything wrong with being a Treckkie (as opposed to Treckker). I have always been a SciFi fan.

The Star Trek crew purchased several of my costume ideas at a Science Fiction Convention in the late 1970’s.

Let me point out that I have been a Science Fiction Fan since I started reading Astounding Science Fiction when I was 5 years old.

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I hated it. I felt like they were rewriting history. Kirk’s Enterprise (though Kirk wasn’t its first captain, nor was Pike, probably) was the first starship to bear that name. But in Starfleet, NCC-1701 was just one of many Galaxy class starships to boldly go where no man has gone before.

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@HungryGuy They “got around” the Enterprise under Kirk being the first…. The Enterprise in Enterprise (NX we’ll call it) was never meant to be launched. It was a prototype. Due to some time travelers coming back and causing havoc, starfleet was forced to launch it to carry out a mission (as seen in the initial episodes of the series).

Also, Kirk’s Enterprise was just one of even more Constitution class starships to venture into space. In fact they were the backbone of starfleet for nearly 100 years.

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I kinf of see where your are coming from, @Kardamom about DS9, even though I disagree. I find DS9 to be the deepest and most complex of all Star Trek series, and that complexity does contribute to a feeling of confusion at times. Mix Starfleet, the Romulans, the Cardassians, the Ferengi, the Bajorans and (at times) many Klingons together and keeping the who’s who, and who is fighting who else over what can get wild.

There is humor in DS9, primarily generated by Quark, his bar on the Promenade, his brother Rom and the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition (all 285 of them).

With Enterprise, on the other hand, as others have already noted, one gets a feeling of a ship and crew still in the developmental stage. The ship is primitive, especially compared to the Enterprise and Voyager, and the crew doesn’t seem to have the same technical skill set that even the crew of the original series had. To me, it feels like a Star Trek spin off that launched a year or so before it was ready, which strikes me as sad.

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