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I need custom T-Shirts, but which website is the best?

Asked by Seth (302points) November 21st, 2011

I need to order a bunch of custom T-Shirts, but there are just sooooo many different websites out there! Which one(s) have you to found to be the best?
I would prefer if they were really nice cotton shirts, (nothing too scratchy or cheap,) and I’ll also need to be able to print [names] on the back.
Thanks for your help!

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Which country are you in @Seth? have the best online designer in the UK (I should know, I used to work for them)...

Generally speaking, most t-shirt printers use either Gildan, or in the US my understanding is that there’s a preference for American Apparel… Most will use Flex for the “printing”, unless you are getting a hundred or so of the same design, in which case they may screen print… but if you’re doing different names on the back then it would probably come back to Flex.

Of course, if you notice on the bottom right of your screen (when not in a specific question) Fluther has used… and if it’s good enough for Fluther…..........

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I couldn’t classify this as the best, but the clubs and sports at my school get their customized shirts from and they’re pretty good quality. Plus they have a few different cotton shirts to choose from.

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We use They offer a ton of different shirt options, and they’re completely customizable.

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