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What's the longest that you've been away from your SO?

Asked by Jude (32144points) November 21st, 2011

How difficult was it for you?

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Three or four weeks when taking care of my Mom. It was awful.

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I am going to be way from her for a little while (she is leaving tomorrow) and while talking on the phone to her an hour ago, I cried. This sucks.

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It was for about 3–4 days and it was awful because we had no contact during that time.

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Two to three months, annualy.
It sucks.

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Four months. The relationship of my wife used to be long distance for over a year which was really hard.

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Two months. It was rough, but unavoidable.

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An occasional month, now and then. I don’t really mind when he goes on trips by himself. Most of the time it’s for business.

One year we rented a condo on the beach for a month, for me, when he went to Europe. I didn’t want to go, and I enjoyed playing with my three grandsons the whole month (they were all under 10 at the time.)

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5–6 weeks. It’s ridiculously difficult. I hate not being around him.

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Nine months for each of the past two years. May 2012 bring us a permanent residency.

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2½ weeks, while she was off to a family reunion. It was lonely.

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Almost 9 months while he was deployed to Iraq last year. It was horrible. We chatted when we could on the phone and online, but there were weeks when I wouldn’t hear from him at all. I stopped listening to and watching the news completely during that time so that I wouldn’t hear about things going on over there.

The only good part about it was the reunion when he got home. :)

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The longest he’s been away with me being at home is about a week. He regularly goes away for 2–3 days when he’s doing his wargaming tournaments. I don’t mind it, actually. The longest I’ve ever been away and left him alone was 12 days when I went on a trip to the US.

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In January my boyfriend is going to Israel for two months, maybe more. Not sure how I’m going to feel. If it was a year ago, I’d be going nuts already. But I think now it’ll be good for us, though I know I’ll miss him more than I can imagine right now when he leaves. And it will be weird because we spend soo much time together. Hmf.

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Ironically Nine ½ Weeks.

Any resemblance to a movie or and any persons, living or dead, even those based on real people, are entirely fictional.”

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3 weeks.
My wife really doesn’t understand how fish and company start to smell after 3 days. She will stay for weeks if she isn’t forced to come home.

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About a week, three-four times a year. My wife goes away for work.

I miss her and am not fond of it, but I’m reasonably sure she’ll be back.

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Only a week when we had to take separate vacations last year since our kids have different spring breaks. But I was with my son, and it wasn’t too bad.

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Seven weeks. It couldn’t be helped but won’t happen again.

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A week. I missed him. We tend to organise his and my travelling at times when we can both go and have a long weekend afterwards. We are both so busy in our respective jobs, in 2012 there will probably be more times when we have to be away from each other. I won’t like it one bit.

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Two weeks. It was okay. But that was back when we first started dating. If it happened now, I would die without him.

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