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Is yuca (cassava) poisonous?

Asked by lostinyoureyes (1121points) November 21st, 2011

We just bought one at our local grocery – peeled, chopped and steamed it to eat. Then googled it to find out it is converted to cyanide in the body if cooked improperly…how do I know if I cooked it properly or not? Anyone know anything about this??

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The yuca is cyanogenetic and so it must be cooked very thoroughly.

A very verbose explanation and methods of cooking it

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How to cook Yuca (where’s his shirt?)

How to cook Yuca (cook 10 minutes if frozen)

Dangers of Cassava (thiosulphate=good stuff)

If you begin to exhibit the symptoms listed in the “Dangers of Cassava” section, see your doctor. It appears to be treatable. If not.. you just ate a yuca for dinner and that’s it.

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