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Advice for sociology project?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) May 15th, 2008 from iPhone

before the end of the 4th quarter I have to do a project that I care about. I am going to have people from my school write emails to sailors who are currently at sea. But there is one small detail that I can’t deside on, and that is how many email addresses I should get. I was thinking something around 20. My school is not very large so I am not sure how many to get. Any suggestions?

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If it is topic you believe in, why not maximize the potential you see for good and get a many as you can?

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Keep in mind that only a percentage of people will responded to the emails. I would gather as many as you can. And that way you can pick the best ones.

And some advice. Worry about spam filters. If you are sending out hundreds of emails at a time your ISP might think that you are sending spam and block them. And don’t use Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo to send the emails. Sometimes those are blocked. And ignore that part of my comment if you are going to have your peers send the emails. It would be bad if you CC hundreds of emails from your account.

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May I suggest a different idea. Why not get the address you want to communicate with and send a selection of cards for these people to send for birthdays etc. Not in line with email but a thoughtful useful gift that will be sure to please and uplift. Smaller ships probably don’t have something like that on board. Just an idea

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that is actually a really good idea. But I have about 2 weeks to complete this project. There are around 22,000 enlisted right, I think. That would probably be to many.

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You don’t have to send something to everyone. I’m sure you could get an address of someone to send a small package with cards and jelly beans. I’m sure the teacher would settle for a few pictures and a report. Let me know if you need an address if it doesn’t have to be Navy.

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