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What do I write on my flyers?

Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) May 24th, 2008

I have to do a project in school that i care about. So I am getting students at my school to be pen pals with people in the navy who are currently at sea. My problem is letting students at my school know what I am doing, I am going to make flyers to put up around my school but i do not know what they should say… Can anyone help?

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First, make sure the flyer includes the following:

A headline (Come up with a catchy phrase that makes people want to find out more such as “Make a Difference: Join Project Letters to Sea” or whatever your program is called.)

A brief (say a paragraph, two at the most) description of the project.

Then, include all the facts a person needs to know to participate. Dates the project will run, who they contact to get started, what they have to do to sign-up, etc.

Finally, end the flyer with what the marketing and sales folks refer to as the “call to action”. That would be a brief statement of why someone would want to participate. In this case, the things that come to mind are phrases like:

Help support our troops. Your letters can really make a difference for someone serving our country. Sign up for Project Letters at Sea today. (your words, of course)

Add some artwork and leave some white space. Make sure the flyer is not too type heavy so people are not turned off before they get to the end.

Sounds like a great thing you are doing. Good luck.

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thanks, maybe I can actually make some now.

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What grade level?
I’m just the about 180 on the Marina answer. My approach would be very brief. I would put up simple posters asking, “Anyone interested in bringing a ray of sunshine into someone’s life? Let’s meet and talk about it.” Or another approach – “Do you know some one in the service who could use a cheerful letter?”
If it were me, I would skip posters and go with word of mouth.
Another question will the school let you put up posters?

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yeah, people put posters up all the time. word of mouth really hasnt worked so i was going to plan B. I am in 9th grade.

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How about teacher help, announcements in class??
Will the school let you put up the posters?

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Yes they will, people do it all the time.

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Put up those flyers, ask for teacher help. You may want to ask if anyone who has a relative or knows anyone in the service, if they want to join a good will writing group. Good luck.

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