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Have you created any art or something otherwise that is a tribute to Fluther?

Asked by gravity (3116points) November 23rd, 2011

I have recently taken up the art of painting. I have been enjoying watercolors and created my profile picture which I have titled, “Jellies”, as a tribute to Fluther. Has anyone else been creative about their Fluther experience to express themself and care to share?

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I’ve done stuff on MSPaint lol, which were ideas from Fluther. So it’s not really any kind of tribute, (or art) but the drawings came from stuff that happened here, or things people said. I also made some of my own avatars on Paint, mostly skulls with bows, so I could use them over here.

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I drew a larger version of Dr. J once. That’s pretty much it.

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I know @FutureMemory has…
But not myself, no. But you know what? I’m going to soon.

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I haven’t, but I love yours. Beautiful.

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No, but I’ve eaten Kalamari.

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@ANef_is_Enuf thank you! I really like the piece and it is one of my favorites that I have done of all my paintings.
@digitalimpression I love Calamari! Are you talking about squid? I love it fried, of course, I am from the south.

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@gravity Yes, squid. Hmm.. I’ve never noticed that there seem to be two spellings. I’ve always used a K. (shrug) I found it to be the consistency and taste of a fried bungee cord actually.

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Well it does sound like it would be a “K” so hey, I will give you that. However, if cooked properly it is very tender and tastes wonderful. I am sure others may cringe at me saying that the best place I have had it cooked so tender like that is Olive Garden. I know they are not seafood but I have never had calamari taste so tender and moist as there… and I live very close to the gulf of mexico with fresh seafood and all… but kudos to the OG for frying up some squid like no one else!

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@gravity I will try it again at the OG. Perhaps it was improperly prepared last time.

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I made a movie about fluther. I entered it in the East Aronodink Film Festival, but it didn’t win any prizes. I was, however, excited that three people actually attended the viewing. Three people I didn’t know, I mean.

I forgot to say, that my film was the only film at the festival that did not win a prize, so I am unanimous in that!

Also, please, no porn jokes.

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@wundayatta Is that a true story, or should I make a porn joke right about now? XD

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Please, make the porn joke.

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I didn’t actually have one though…’‘shame’’

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Actually, I suspect that one of the members of the audience was a zombie. He was the only one that didn’t leave before the end.

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Was he eating anyone out?

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I don’t think so. Maybe that’s why everyone left. He was hitting on them. I was up in the projection booth. Is it true that zombies can’t climb stairs? I’m afraid that my movie had several zombie scenes, but from the feedback I got, my zombies didn’t act very realistically. Maybe because they were fluther zombies? I know I should have hired a consultant, but it was a pretty low budget film. Actually, it was a no budget film. I was thinking of calling it “Atheists vs Zombies,” but I settled for “Fluther: the Movie.”

There were no actual jellyfish in the movie. Do you think that’s why people walked out? Maybe it wasn’t a smart idea to enter it in the wildlife documentary category?

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Zombies can go up stairs. They’re just really slow.

Yeah, if Jaws wasn’t in your movie, or at least, some jellyfish, then maybe that’s why David Suzuki is totally bringing you to court. Man’s got power.

Dude, I have no idea what you just said lol. You people keep talking to me as if you think I’m smart. XD

But yeah, I’d watch whatever movie it was you shot. Don’t you know zombies are only cool because of all the ridiculous movies that were made about them back when money didn’t exist? XD

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I photoshopped a picture of the ol’ fluther logo so it had a human mouth and eyes. That was pretty creepy.

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@wundayatta did you mean East Aronodink Film Festival? I googled it… wasn’t sure what it was. or maybe East Adirondack? Please fill us in on some details as this is interesting to me!

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Ok I see the Aronodink was spelled correctly to begin with… where does this festival take place?

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I guess you could say I ‘created’ all the official Fluther t-shirts and other goodies you can buy. ;)

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I want @Wundy to put his movie on YouTube.

And no, no fluther art from me I am afraid.

I like calamari too… does that make us cannibals?

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I made a map, wiki (now dead), and some greasemonkey scripts. Those could be considered art.

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I am glad my creativity is based more on my painting and such rather than my cooking abilities. It took me 3.5 hours to prepare 2 casseroles that aren’t even cooked yet. Clearly I need idiot proof recipes… glad this holiday comes but once a year. Happy Thanksgiving Flutherers!

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@augustlan Huh, interesting. I wear one of those shirts :D

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I did this little mockup for a new/secondary catch phrase.

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Not for Fluther. I made Planet for my long ago previous online home. Maybe it’s time I made something for Fluther. I’ll have to think about it.

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I’m planning on making a jelly dreamcatcher. Of course it’s still in the planning stages. :-]

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I once pooped an F, but that was before I joined Fluther.

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East Aronodink is where it takes place. Did you find East Aronodink? Can you tell me what state it is in? I have to say I told a little lie. I wasn’t the one who entered the film in the festival. It was my mother. You know how mothers are. I mean, this film is truly bad. So bad, there should be another word for it.

And another lie—I wasn’t actually there when they screened the film. I’m not even sure they actually did screen the film. So my mom just told me she sent it off to this place, and I’m not even sure it exists. My mom can do that. You know?

But it gets weirder. She asked me what I was doing, and I told her I was making a film, although I actually wasn’t doing anything of the sort. She asked to see it, and so I called her bluff and sent her a blank videocassette (because I have an old analog camera with 24x zoom, and I know she doesn’t have a player that can play that size tape.

Well, I don’t know what happened, but it seems that she sent the tape off sight unseen. I had no idea. But who knows. Maybe they thought it was art. But still. No prize. Even if it was a blank tape, don’t you think that sucks?

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I fluthered while drunk and coined the flutherism flunking.

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