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How to respond to "need some new people to talk to"?

Asked by kyleharzo (72points) November 23rd, 2011

There’s this girl in my English class who I’ve never talked to but she’s friends with the girl I like (not that I’d use her, I just think I should be friends with more of her friends). She keeps posting “need some new people to talk to. hmu” on facebook and I wanna get to know her, but there have been plenty of awkward and short-lived failed conversations that begin with just “Hi” and I know that would probably be most of your advice “Just say hi!”. But what’s after that?

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Are you gonna text or call her? If you’re just texting then if it ends at “hi”, “oh hi”, then it won’t be as awkward as if its in person or talking on the phone. But it probably will progress fine anyhow so just give it a whack!

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This is a good time to chat. You can ask how her Thanksgiving dinner was, what she ate, where she spent the day, etc.
You can talk about how much pie you ate, the dog farting during dinner, etc.
I know, it sounds lame, but it opens up conversation.

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Do you know anything about her? Perhaps her views on if this teacher is good, or totally sucks?

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Ok, goodby

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Treat her like you’d treat a friend and things might just flow naturally from there. Us girls are human beings, just like you. If you can hold a conversation and keep someone intrigued, then what’s the problem? :)

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