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Does anyone feel that their life is scripted?

Asked by chill_out (116points) May 15th, 2008

I’m pretty convinced that I will be exactly like my parents, get married, support a nice family, live comfortably, have similar friends, etc etc… but lately all I want is to tear that script apart and leave everything behind… thoughts anyone?

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Do it! Now, before you have too many strings attached. Join the peace corps. Something. Get out of your day-to-day and do something different.

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Just hope I can muster up the courage… cuz that script isn’t sooo bad really…

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You’ll feel better if you go your own way. I had a similar feeling when I was graduating college. In fact, I burst into tears when I was offered a good (boring) sales job. The poor HR person dealing with my little panic attack was very nice. Anyway, I stepped off the path and had some truly great experiences that were all my own. Be bold. The script is always there.

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Good lord, no. My mother would have liked for my life to be scripted in the way that you describe. She is unable to comprehend that the type of work that I do is more important than the amount of money that I get paid, that I choose not to have children, that getting divorced was more important for my mental health than was maintaining appearances.

Admittedly, fresh out of college and newly married, my life was following that course. Happily, circumstances derailed me, and now I do what I want -for me! Not for anyone else. I think I’m now a better person for that reason.

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Sometimes I think my life is a sitcom. Otherwise, no. You only get one shot at this. Live it up.

A friend of mine de-scripted pretty effectively almost a year ago at this point. You can read his blog about it here:

It’s a little ridiculous, though.

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When I was dating my to-be-husband, he wrote me a sweet letter saying all the things we would do in our lives. I loved him madly, but was distraught that my whole life seemed set out on one piece of paper when I was 18. He was a little confused about why I was upset, but I also wanted a life that wasn’t “scripted.” We got married a few years later, and the life we lived together ended up being wonderful and completely different than either of us could have expected.

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To some extent I am doing things a bit like my mother:
She moved abroad at the age of 18 – I moved first time at 16.
She moved back home at 20 and abroad again at 49 – I moved back at 17, away again at 19 and on to a third country at 24.
She went to see The Beatles at 19, I went to see Bon Jovi at 17…...

I can’t deny there is some likeness, but I’m by no means following a script. If I ever start to feel my life seems too predictable, I will deliberately do something about it and it’s worked out well for me so far and I have no regrets (moving countries, moving jobs, starting, stopping and starting college again).

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Luckily for you, life is full of surprises…the impulse you feel is maybe a sign that life is whispering to you, try to listen and see what happens! It sounds life your scripted life will always be waiting should you choose to go back to it, why not taste what else is out there?

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…get married, support a nice family, live comfortably, have similar friends – The horror, the utter horror! The majority of the world’s population would kill for a life so scripted my friend. No ones life is entirely scripted, in the short run perhaps depending on your day to day decisions but you will most likely be quite surprised how your life turns out. If your parents life has no appeal to you then make decisions that will set you off in a different direction.

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When you make a major life change, do you think to yourself that you’ll enjoy (or not enjoy) talking to your parents about it? If you keep thinking about someone, you will become more like that person. Stop thinking about your parents so much. Put them out of your mind each time the thought arises. At the very least, be aware of every time the thought of your parents enters your mind! If you stop having every other thought be about your parents you won’t feel like you’re just a glob of clay in a parental mold.

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Let’s say I do believe my life is scripted.

The writers suck and are clearly overpaid.

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I spent 10 years in therapy & thousands of dollars working towards a scripted life!! I love my boring, scripted life.

I really like what deezer said. I fired the writers of my chaotic crazy life & hired new ones to write a much saner script.

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You are hemmed in by a lot of people’s expectations, your parents, the old “it’s what everyone does,” your friends.

But you are not trapped.

Good that you have figured out you want to tear up the script. Now, before you do something just so you are off the script, you should spend the time to figure out what you want your own script to be.

Then you can move forward toward the things you want and not just be reacting against what others want for you.

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great advice @ marina. Write your own script Chill & everything will work itself out.

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I wonder what your parents would think about you rescripting your life.

Try to stop constantly thinking about your parents!

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Scripted- I once thought my life was all planned out. But the reality of life is that you are thrown curve balls all the time. There are too many variables out of your control.

For instance- even though I scripted my life to be much as you describe it has not turned out so neat , pretty or boring.

Adventure and change have sent me from middle class to severe poverty and up to upper class then to middle class again.

Adventure is always an option at any time in your life not just when you are young.

Life is exciting and is meant to be lived to the fullest. Enjoy it and do it your way!

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