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As a child, you had a Christmas wish list. As an adult, how has your list changed?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) November 24th, 2011

My childhood Christmas wish list was always headed by a Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock. I finally received one on my 9th Christmas. Today, my adult Christmas list has changed dramatically. My wishes include no more wars, that every decision is a winner, and for the factories to move back to America, so people could have a job and a life that we use to know and love.

Question: as a child, we thought as a child. As an adult, our thoughts for a Christmas list are a real concern for many people. Your adult Christmas list awaits your written wishes. What are they?

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As a child I use to wish my parents weren’t so poor so that they could give us a gazillion toys and presents (instead of the Goodwill package that we actually received).

As an adult I have no Xmas wish list because I stopped stressing myself over the retailer’s holiday many years ago. But my everyday wishes are similar to yours @john65pennington.

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My list is now a lot shorter and I tend to really consider “do I actually need that”. I don’t want things just for the sake of having ‘stuff’.

My list this year would include:

Having a happy, fulfilled son who has found some direction for his future (he has had a bad year).
That my first daughter loves her new job.
That my second daughter also finds a clearer direction for her work.
That all my children, husband and family remain happy and healthy.

Specifically for myself and more materially…

I do want a new lens for my camera.
I would like some deep sounding wind chimes. I love the sound. It makes me feel happy.

Other than that… just a lovely day with my husband and children would be fantastic.

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My list is really short. Happy, productive children.
I won’t hold my breath.

Instead, I’ll probably get chocolate. That is good too.

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It’s totally different. Usually practical things.

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I don’t really want stuff any more. I just see it as one more thing, I will have to find space for and remember where I put it. (And God help me. I hate nick nacks I have to find a place to put it up for display. ) It just means one more thing I have to move to dust around. Ugh!
Yeah, if I don’t need it, I don’t want it.

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I use to want all the newest and coolest toys as a child (obviously) but now as an adult i find that i am wanting things that are necessities, not wants. Things i cant afford to get normally.

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Oh this is easy, I no longer wish, I simply demand!

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I just want money to pay the bills and put a smile on my children’s face.

is that too much to ask for?

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No, it is not @jonsblond. I hope your wish comes true and 2012 is a much better year for you and yours.

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Now I am an adult I want things for my children rather than myself but I am looking forward to playing ‘Skyward Sword’ the latest Zelda game this Christmas.

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I didn’t and do not now celebrate Christmas. This year I just want health for my family.

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My “wish list” now typically consists of one item that I’ve been wanting, and the rest of the list is just that my kids have a lovely Christmas, and health and happiness for all my family and friends.

My one “want” this year is a Kindle, which would be a gift for my hubby as well. He hates how many books I have, and with a Kindle, I could easily cut my library of paper books waaaay back. It’s the perfect gift for us both, haha.

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When I was a kid, I wanted a Super Nintendo so bad. My dad never had any money and I didn’t even live with him half the time, but after two years lol, he got me one. It was awesome.

My current wishlist is a bit different. I just want things in my life to not fuck me up too much haha. :D Also, if anyone wants to give me some pillows, that’s always great. :)

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The things I want cost more. When I was a child, if anyone asked what I wanted, I would ask for relatively inexpensive toys, like stuffed animals or arts and craft sets. But now, when someone says, “What do you want for Christmas?”, I think, “Well, I’ve got a big auto repair bill due soon. It would be nice for someone to help pay for it.”, but that’s not something you can legitimately ask for. Christmas was so much simpler when I was a kid. Sigh.

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