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Uxcell, anyone bought from them before?

Asked by fortris (683points) May 15th, 2008

I’m about to purchase an item from their website but I can’t bring myself to give out the info and credit cardnumber unless anyone knows their trustworthy. They do have a secure connection on the page though.

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Based on their badges, they look somewhat legit. But I would also trust your judgment. Don’t buy anything too expensive.

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badges are meaningless deceptive crap. Also, many review sites poll users right after the purchase, before they actually receive the merchandise, rendering their ratings meaningless.

Look for actual reviews written by real people. The will always be some negative reports. What you should look out for is a pattern of the same complaint from multiple people.

An old standby I always check with is They have a listing for UXcell which leaves me less than impressed:

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@xyzzy Coulda used that before I bought it. But the last review on the page you gave said they did indeed refund him, so I’m not too worried.

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If you used a real credit card (as opposed to a debit card), don’t sweat it. You can always do a chargeback if the company jerks you around.

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Good points. I should make it clear that you have to click on the badges to get the actual info—seeing them is indeed not sufficient.

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Umm, as to that. I only have a debit card.

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I just checked bizrate, and it has 8+ average reviews. As long as the damn watch works I’ll be sastisfied.

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I’ve spent a couple of hours researching coolbuydirect website looking at the products listing at
I don’t understand how they can send stuff over from hong kong and china and it costs so cheap. They also sell ridiculously cheap tat that amazes me.

Help me out here if you have any experience dealing with them. Are they reliable?


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