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The press reviews for the new GTA are huge, just hype, or true?

Asked by pattyb (794points) May 15th, 2008 from iPhone

how is the online compared to say COD4?

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im more hyped for Ninja Gaiden II right now, but im just a bit of a, well, elite is the wrong word, just, more advanced, i mean, i like gta iv, but im more into the deeper gameplay, i played more R Type Final than GTA, but that’s just me, it’s realy not a bad game

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I’ve had mixed feelings about it. My copy likes to freeze up so that sucks right outta the gate. It would freeze every 10 mins or so causeing me to lose all my work up to that point. I bought a fan for my xbox and that has improved my time to about 30 mins before it freezes.

As far as game play goes, the walking controlls feel a little clunky, but I can deal with that. The driving is amazing as well as the story thus far. I havnt tried online play yet because of the freezing problem.

All in all, I’d say its decent but not quite worth all the hype.

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i don’t have the freezing and the online mode is realy cool, stuff like flying in a chopper with 4 people, etc. and ofcourse just blowing eachother up, it’s realy cool to experience

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The game is very good, but also starts VERY slow. It throws in a lot of bad missions in the first 7–10 hours or so, depending on your gaming style. But after that, it is very enjoyable and fun. The gmes biggest pro is its gigantic size. I’ve played for 23 hours and am only 40% done with the game.

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Personally, I found GTA IV to be quite a bit of a let down after San Andreas. The map is much more detailed, but also very much smaller. The story line is good, though. And the multiplayer option is a great addition. It’s worth the money, but not worth all the hype in my opinion.

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@randy, you might be heading for the “red ring of death”

From experience on my 360, prior to my RROD’s (thrice), freezing was evident.

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I dont think that’s the problem because it only happens when I’m playing GTA. At least I hope that’s not the problem.

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