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What is one thing that you really like about these year-end holidays?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19727points) November 28th, 2011

Christmas, Hannukkah, Solstice whatever, can you name one thing that you really enjoy related to these year-end holidays? I appreciate that the holidays are very difficult for many people for many reasons, but please take the negative posts to another thread, I’d like to generate some cheer here.

I love eggnog lattes.

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I love the Twilight Zone marathons on TV :P

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I love using the holiday time as a chance to screw off. “Sorry, I didn’t get thing done. You’ll have it after the holiday.”
I only drink full fat eggnog during the holiday. Delicious.

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I enjoy the atmosphere at work during the lead up to Christmas.

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Watching the looks on the faces of the young one’s in the family as they get something they really like for a present. Yeah, crass commercialism but they’re still young enough not to know it. Also, the look on their face when you make a special food dish just for them. I have a couple of vegetarians in the family and they really like it when I produce something just for them,

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I love that so many people shift to thinking about what someone else would like.

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Vintage Christmas lights, getting my Charlie Brown Christmas tree and the snow (for 3 weeks only :)).

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Relaxed work atmosphere and time off work.

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@Jude I love the vintage lights too. And the Candle Light Evening at the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown.

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@Adirondackwannabe this page makes me happy. I could strip down right now and don these with a huge smile on my face.

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And I almost forgot! It’s time to put up my Leg Lamp light string ! Hooray!

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I love the lights. A friend of mine has a huge christmas light display for the town every year at their house. It’s really cool. And my town has a huge tree that we keep trying to send to Rockefellar Center. Until then, it’s ours and we decorate it to the max.

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All of those smiling at the image of Jude running around wearing nothing but lights please raise your hand.

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@JilltheTooth I totally forgot about A Christmas Story playing over and over every year! I think I like that more.

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How Fluther has influenced my life… I bought those after a spirited discussion on Fluther at this time last year. They remind me of holiday Fluthering. Warm and fuzzies may commence…

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Oh, and the Grinch is on tonight.

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@Adirondackwannabe Now I’m gonna start singing.
“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch,”...

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I enjoy the holidays immensely. Generally, I find “most” people a bit lighter, in a better mood, looking forward to saying goodbye to this year and welcoming in a new one.

I love traditional holiday music (though I despise the current trend of “Frosty-creep” in many retail outlets).

I love to decorate and admire the lights at night. I love to shop, I love to wrap, I love to enjoy planning holiday get-togethers. Yes, for me, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

Sending holiday cheer to all!

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I also look forward to having an excuse to watch Muppets Christmas Carol!

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I love the smell of Christmas trees. I love spiced cider and egg nog. I love the food, the music and the company. I love wrapping paper with glittery sparkly stuff. I love candlelight caroling at Midnight on Christmas Eve.

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Those white Oreos

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Beer & chocolate….beer & chocolate….beer & chocolate….beer & cho…..!!
Any excuse to hang around playing with the kids, all day long….yay!

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I enjoy the anticipation of my little family celebration, giving gifts that make me happy to give and decorating in my own eccentric manner. lol

Gotta put the wreath up on the gate to the goose corral and hang the duck ornaments on their barn. haha

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I really like Bumbles. They bounce!

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I love the Nutcracker; accompanied by a live orchestra please.

I like making cookies.

I like the latkes on my chanukah dishes, and giving people chocolate money.

I like the Christmas music.

I like that my husband usually takes a few days off from work.

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I get paid almost 5k extra during the holiday season. I spend it all on the “Angel Tree” charity and it makes me feel like a better person.

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I totally love Christmas music.

I also love chocolate covered peppermint JoJos from Trader Joe’s.

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@Adirondackwannabe : “Yukon Cornelius”? I’m starting to feel like a serious dope, here…

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@JilltheTooth Sorry, No reflection on you. I’m throwing out obscure references to Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer.

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The one thing? That’s hard to choose! Ok then, it would be the underlying message of Hope…

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I like the music. Especially in Church. As a child I was in childrens choir and Oh Come Oh Come Emanuel always means Christmas anticipation to me. It takes me right back to being that little girl.

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I love just about everthing there is leading up to Christmas.

I enjoy all of the newfangled lights and displays they’ve got nowadays, but I especially love the old-style Outdoor Lights

And I appreciate the cool temperature of LED lights for the tree, but I still have a passion for the old-fashioned Twinkle Lights

I love old boxes of Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments and Clip-On Bird Ornaments

Although I’m not thrilled with the taste, I loe the visual experience of Ribbon Candy and Candy Canes

On the other hand, I do love the taste of Hershey Kisses and Homemade Fudge

I love Christmas Music and listening to all of the different kinds of bells from Jingle Bells to Sleigh Bells to Salvation Army Bell Ringers to Handbell Choirs

And I love the scent of Evergreen Trees and Gingerbread Men

And I love the sights and sounds of a Crackling Fire and a Choir

I love Icicles and Plastic Nativity Scenes and Thomas Kinkade Christmas Paintings

I love the activities of Sledding in the Snow and Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center

And reading A Christmas Carol and The Night Before Christmas for the hundredth time.

And watching The Grinch and Charlie Brown and Rudolph on TV.

And spending time with my family. I’m one of the lucky ones. We don’t have any drunks or drama and everyone actually likes to be around each other. And all of us to cook and eat!

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I love the Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Pumpkin Loaf from Starbucks.

I love the Christmas music on the radio.

I love decorating our tree.

I love the excitement of shopping.

I love the anticipation of seeing my daughters open their gifts.

I love wrapping presents, and seeing them sparkle under the tree.

I love reading The Night Before Christmas, and the Nativity Story to my daughters on Christmas Eve.

I love videotaping Christmas morning when the kids almost pee from excitement, and hearing the pops and sizzles from the kitchen as my hubby cooks Christmas breakfast.

Sorry honey, I just can’t pick one thing to like about the holidays, LOL.

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I love driving around with my girls, looking at the Christmas lights and singing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs… we do one hell of a job on The 12 Days of Christmas. :D

I also like choosing and wrapping presents (if not the actual shopping), eating warm gingerbread slathered in butter, drinking eggnog (full fat for me, too!), and Christmas dinner.


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Food. Also getting to have friends over for a party. That’s the best stuff. Especially if we make music together.

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Holiday music and decorations. I love riding through the neighborhood at night and seeing all the pretty lights and lawn ornaments people have put up. Also, special holiday-flavored teas (especially Stash’s White Christmas tea).

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@lonelydragon I’ve never heard of that tea before. I’m a real tea lover, so I’ll look for it.

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@FutureMemory Exactly what I was going to say! Tradition for New Years :)


Christmas. Family get-togethers. The food. Presents. Christmas songs. The fun of it all.

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The batshit new year’s Russian music shows…it’s a treat.

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Rudolph is on tonight. Go Bumbles!

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All the marvellous and cozy things everyone so well noted above, plus for me the big extra is that Jesus gets some airtime in the public places through Christmas carols. Hard to beat O Holy Night belted out over the airwaves! I echo Tiny Tim: God bless us, EVERYONE!

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@Adirondackwannabe Yes! Rudolph is on tonight. I saw the commercial for it last night and couldn’t help but think about our little thread here : )

Jingle jingle jingle, you can here my sleighbells ring, jingle jingle jingle, I’m the king of jingaling! Doodle oodle oot.

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Plenty of good food, drink and giving gifts to friends and family.

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@Kardamom Cool, I’m always glad to share new flavors with fellow tea lovers. :) The Stash tea is a blend of white tea, peppermint, and a hint of giner…Very light and refreshing.

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@lonelydragon That sounds divine, can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the tip.

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I second everything Lonelydragon has stated…...ditto!

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