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Quick, handy, home-made alternative to a light box (for looking at negatives)?

Asked by spendy (1446points) May 15th, 2008

I don’t want to put too much into this…but still need something that will work equally as well.

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This reference has a list of materials and a lot of good photos. The guy’s total cost was $15.00

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Thanks for the post…but not sure how this will allow me to look at negatives. ??? You’re refering to a different type of lightbox, I believe.

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Try a white sheet of paper taped to a sunny window.

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@spendywatson. So sorry. I am not sure this will meet your needs (it is probably not sufficient quality for your work) but I found this reference:

For example you can rig up a homemade light box
by placing a piece of opaque plastic (available from most craft
stores) over a horizontal OTT light or a small florescent light strip
such as those used for under-the-counter lighting.

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@breedmitch, any suggestions for something I could use at any time of day? I have a LOT of negatives to look through. Also, living in Missouri, we can’t really count on the weather! :) Wouldn’t want to limit myself to sunny days…I might never get this done.

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@Marina….aaahhhh, thank you. :)

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