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Who was the best James Bond?

Asked by robmandu (21331points) May 15th, 2008

Sean Connery? Roger Moore? Timothy Dalton? Pierce Brosnan? Daniel Craig?

And why?

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Sean Connery.

Smooth, sleek, suave, sophisticated, sly, sexy.

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I agree with hearkat

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Id say Pierce but I would think that’s because he was the James I grew up with. I’m sure if I watched the older ones with Sean Connery I would change my mind though.

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Let us not forget George Lazenby (Her majesty’s secret service)

I am a fan of the original books so.. Craig gets my vote. If Connery weren’t the original Bond… He wouldn’t be so loved.

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I knew I was forgetting one of ‘em… thanks Riser!

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Craig has only done one, and Lazenby is pretty much forgotten. If your talking about most memorable Bond, it’s Connery, then Moore. Connery is the man, because he was suave, on screen and in real life.

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I fell in LOVE with Daniel Craig in the last Bond movie! That scene of him coming out of the water…YYYUUUUMMMMMYYYY! I get all hot and bothered just thinking about it.

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What about David Niven, Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, and Barry Nelson?

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It’s Connery over Moore for me. Sean Connery seemed to have the necessary dangerous edge under his suavity. Roger Moore always looked like when push came to shove he would not want to get his hands or clothes dirty.

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Moore was the sissy Bond and Dalton was misunderstood, but Lazenby was genuine. He was suppose to do more, but he decided not to.

One Bond film, or not, Craig has captured the layers of Bond that we NEVER saw in Connery.

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In order of the sexy: Connery, Craig, Brosnan (the other two, blech). Lazenby?

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Sean Connery. That man can turn 200 and be a wife-beater, but he’s still swoon-worthy on screen…..

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I think all the Bonds have been good, but Connery was the best.

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here’s the order:
1. Connery, (The template. He’ll never be surpassed)

2. Brosnan, (actually a close second, the most suave Bond)

3. Craig, (closest to the orignal Bond from the novels, reminded us that Bond is a DANGEROUS man)

4. Lazenby (showed emotional levels that Connery didn’t)

5. Dalton, ( a bit too serious)

6. Moore, (not serious enough)

Having said all that, Moore and Dalton did sneak in some pretty kick-ass Bond films during their tenures. See:Live and Let Die, and The Living Daylights

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David Niven – Casino Royale, 1967

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We also have to take into account that these actors played Bond in different stages of his “life”. Craig is playing Bond when he was just becoming the character that Connery, or amy other actor played.

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Sean Connery!!!

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Sean Connery!

Here’s a little side story about him. My SO is hard of hearing. We were watching TV one night and Sean Connery was narrating a commercial. I recognized his voice and we started to talk about him. I said, “He is one sexy man, but he didn’t get sexy until later in life” SO looked at me with a funny expression said “Did you just say he didn’t get sex from his American wife?” I laughed for the longest time about that!!

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@scamp Great anecdote! Thanks for the chuckle.

I watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade again on TV the other day. Even though Sean Connery was playing Harrison Ford’s nerdy professor father, he was still sexy and had that little twinkle he has. I had completely forgotten the funny byplay because they had both slept with the same woman.

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As a kid I grew up watching Moore but as I saw more of Bond I preferred Connery. Dalton was a Shakespear actor and I could never take to him. Brosnan really grew into the role and I would have loved to see him do a few more movies. Craig seemed to make the role a lot more serious and seemed to competing with Matt Damon for tough guy. Who is my favourite, I would say Brosnan, just ahead of Connery

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@Scamp- Sean Connery was ALWAYS sexy… watch Darby O’Gill and the Little People some time… he was 29ish and absolutely yummy. I think that was his firs major picture.

As an Audiologist, I too get a kick out of those misheard phrases!

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Thanks for the tip hearkat. I’ll check it out. I think he got sexiER as he aged. Just my personal opinion tho. I’ll Netflix the movie and take a peek, then let you know! I could go on and on with stories about what my SO thinks he heard, and alot of them are hilarious! The thing that makes it so funny to me is because he doesn’t stop to think about how ridiculous some of the things he thinks he heard really are. I giggle and say, (sarcastically)yes honey, I did tell you to put the monkey in the trashcan… ha ha!!

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@Scamp: I try to counsel my patients to be more active listeners, but sometimes it’s still tough. I hope that you are making sure to get your Honey’s attention before you start speaking, so he can shift his focus of attention to your voice. Of course it helps to be in the same room, and ideally facing him when you speak. We have so many bad communication habits. I could go on, too, as you can imagine!!

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Daniel Craig

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