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What things do you do to keep the faith alive?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2422points) December 4th, 2011

I’m about to head off to work but I’ll make this quick:

While at work the past 2 days we’ve been having a sale of 50% kids clothes. Now there are kids pj’s that are only $8.99 anyways so that leaves them at about $4.47.

Now I don’t have kids and none of my close friends have kids yet (we’re only 22 although nowadays this is uncommon for us all not to have kids). But since I can’t resist a sale and because I feel so blessed for having the $5 to spend on the pj’s I buy them and give them to charity.

Whenever customers are trying to figure out what size the grandkids, nieces, cousins, and so ons are I always say that for $5 if it doesn’t work it’s nice to just give them to kids that don’t have anything. Although some of them say that it’s a great idea no one ever does this (they return them for wrong size etc).

This brings me to my question – what generous things do you do as a stranger to help others? Not only things that cost money but volunteering, giving your time etc. I just need some faith in humanity that there are other good people out there.

As a disclaimer I’m not cynical – I do see all of the donations for tots for toys and see others helping. I also understand that money is tight for a lot of people but if you buy coffee everyday I just don’t see how you can’t skip one day and buy a child a pair of pj’s or a book to read over the holiday season. If you don’t have the money how do you take time out of your day to help others? Even if it is just to open a door or say hello or thank you to someone who goes unnoticed. And this doesn’t just apply to right now since it’s the “season of giving” but all year round. Let’s cherish our good and not always recognized good deeds!!

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On another website I frequent, some people were having “charity wars” lol. They have a point system like Fluther, so a guy says “I’ll donate 50 cents for every point I get” and so did another, and another. Thousands of dollars were raised for Doctors Without Borders lol.

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I give to many charities throughout the year. Somehow, I feel that I talk about this, that it is bragging and I do not give just to be noticed.

I will just keep this a secret.

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Years ago, the place I worked at would give every employee a turkey for christmas. Me being vegetarian at the time, I had no use for a turkey so I gave it to my local homeless shelter. The following year I did the same and added a sack of potatoes, veg and other trimmings to it as well. It became a tradition and for a while even after I stopped working there I bought an extra turkey and donated Christmas Dinner to the shelter. Unfortunately money is tight now and I can’t afford to do it any more.

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I’ve noticed it happens fairly often someone calls out “Can someone spare some change so I can get on the bus?” Almost always, someone will give the person enough to get on. I’ve done it too, or I’ll give them my transfer card if I don’t need it again. Also people will sometimes call out, “This is my last bus today, anyone need a transfer card?” There are good people in the world, still.

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I donate to my favourite animal charity (Battersea Dogs Home) once a month and I volunteer at animal shelters when I can. I don’t do as much as I feel I should in the way of volunteering. I can understand why some people may not do as you suggest and give clothing that doesn’t fit the one it was intended for to charity. I have got a very tight budget this Christmas and if gifts don’t fit then I would exchange them for something that did because I can’t afford to buy that person something else. Whilst I agree that $5 isn’t much to many people, when you live paycheck to paycheck each month it makes a difference especially if you are buying gifts for a number of people.

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I donate to the Seminole tribe and various other Native American casinos causes throughout the US.

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I do some volunteer work helping to improve the lives of people with mental health

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@Blackberry interesting although that would make me go broke faster.. esp if everyone gives me points but doesn’t make a challenge of their own
@john65pennington I agree, good deeds don’t always need recognition but every now and then its good to hear the wonderful things people are doing
@Leanne1986 money def is tight which is why I included volunteering and other things not specifically donations or money because I think even just being kind is keeping the faith alive.

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If a sales person said that to me I would tell them to mind their own business or stick with sales. A self-published good deed is lost. It’s very distasteful.

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