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What should I name an imaginary cafe?

Asked by JessK (599points) December 4th, 2011 from iPhone

We are doing this really cool project in French (no, your answers don’t have to be in French). Mine is basically like Panera Bread but more cafe-ey and less of a bakery. I don’t have any ideas that aren’t really lame so yours are much appreciated! Thanks!

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The Do Drop Inn Cafe.

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Cloud 9 Cafe.

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I wrote a poem once about an imaginary cafe I’d like to open. I called it ” The Babylon Cafe”, it was intended as a parody of ” Babble-on” a haven for poets, writers and artists.

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Le café imaginaire.

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Cafe Provence

Riviera Cafe

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haha great answers ALL!

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Valhalla’s Comfy Couch.

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I live near a great local artsy cafe called ” The cozmic cafe.” ;-)

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café éfac

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@zensky… ah what does that mean? Like Java?

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Madam I’m Adam.

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Le Mistral. . . .or is it La?

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UpSideDown Mug
Celestial Realm
Cuppa C’s
Bell, Book and Candle

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Let them eat cake!

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Kermit le froggie

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My imaginary café is called “Sleepy Bunny’s.” Sleepy Bunny is the stuffed rabbit I’ve had my entire life. My café will be named after her because sleepy people need caffeine. It might also be a B&B.

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Café au lait

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Crumbs cafe

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Cafe In The Sky
Alice in Cafeland
Cafe Fantastique
Cafe Barada Nikto
Count Cafecula
Cafe Kafka
Cafe Delirium
Cafe Serendipity

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“Ceci n’est pas une café”

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@rebbel:^^To my favorite polyglot; C’est un café.

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@gailcalled I am Fluthered!

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