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Would you capitalize small words like for and of on an award plaque?

Asked by JLeslie (60482points) December 6th, 2011


For Excellence Of Strength
For Significant Contributions


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If it was the first word yes.
I have seen it both ways for words in the middle of the phrase. Generally the longer the inscription the more likely they are to use lower case.

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@WestRiverrat Do you mean the first word of each line? There is about 10 lines total on the award, each line is centered.

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No, the first line of each sentence. With each sentence starting on a new line. Or all the words starting upper case.

You could just make all the lettering upper case, then you would not have to make that decision.

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Each sentence starting a new line? It’s more like a sentence that is broken into many lines. Similar to an invitation.

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Sentences can be on multiple lines. But if you end a sentence, start the next one on a new line, even if you have lots of room on the current line.

I think all capital letters would work best, you can put the recipients name in a larger font if you want it to stand out.

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Isn’t what is written a kind of title? Prepositions, a, an, and the are not capitalized except for the first one. Unless all the letters are capitalized. I suppose you could call a shop that does award inscriptions and ask what rules they go by. Or go to a website for awards and check out what they do.

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I wish I could copy paste the whole thing.

@zensky Your example, Award of Excellence is what I am talking about. I wouldn’t capitalize either, but my president of our club capitalized everything, it looks odd to me.

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It basically is:

Member Of The Year
For Excellence Of Service
For Stregnth Of Committment
For Significant Contribution


It looks odd to me with the little words capitalized, but I did learn it way back in childhood that either is acceptable. I was just wondering what the jelly experts thought.

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Of detracts from the important aspect of the messages; the person and the award.

Look at the difference.

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@zensky I agree. do you think the For at the beginning of the lines should be capitalized?

I just wanted to feel more sure of myself before I suggested changing the whole thing so I wanted to ask the opinion of others.

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The first word of any sentence is capitalized, regardless.

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No. Well, it depends on the part of speech. You would capitalize Is.

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@JLeslie you might want to find out what the plaque company is capable of before you make a lot of changes. Some of them only pay for upper case fonts as a way of controlling costs.

You can’t see them well, but the Hall of Fame plaques in these pictures are all in upper case.

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These are generally the rules I learned for capitalizing titles, as I recall them, but the rules for plaques may be different, I don’t know.

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@WestRiverrat I hadn’t thought of that possibility. I figured they could print anything. Isn’t it done off of the PDF?

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I wouldn’t. Personally, I think saying “for” in front of each item is redundant, and wouldn’t list it that way in the first place. I’d do it like this:

(Centered) Member of the Year

(Left aligned) Awarded for excellence of service, strength of commitment, significant contributions, etc…

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@augustlan I also think writing “for” over and over doesn’t look good. I thought of that also late last night and sent it as part of my corrections to the person who put it together.

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