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I ask every single question in the social section? What about you?

Asked by digitalimpression (9910points) December 7th, 2011

Being as I’m not interested in the “more stringent” rules in the General section, I ask every question in the Social Section. What about you? Are there really that many questions that people must have a solid, no bs answer on?

Perhaps the questions I “tune into” are just more social by nature.

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When I want sincere, honest responses to a question about a serious problem, I use General. Most of my questions are more frivolous and go in Social.

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What @Sunny2 said. Some more frivolous than others.

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Almost always social. When I want to have discussions I usually want to hear everything anyone has to say. When I just need a straight answer to a simple question, I go to general.

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Most of mine are in social yeah, I like when shit gets diverse, but I do use general sometimes. When I really want/need to know something that I can’t really look up requires too much inner net searching skillz. Like once I wanted information about huge ships that I saw in Montréal. I wanted ship information, not some fucker’s life story. XD
There are definitely questions out there that aren’t fit for what social is for though. Like wanting to know how to do something specific, like hook up some electronic, needing some information about a law, some random homework question…or how to tackle a certain situation, like what should I do if the rent is short and the landlord is blackmailing me, saying that he’ll throw me out on my ass if I don’t fuck him in exchange for not having the whole rent.

I mean, shit…

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Generally, if I want specific answers to specific questions, I’ll ask in the general section. Otherwise, like you, I prefer the social section.

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@Rarebear Exactly. Well my underlying point is that for the really tough “general” questions, you don’t usually get an answer here.. hence so many orphans. To find answers to those questions you have to go to a different site.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we get rid of the general section or anything… for me it is like a filter. Everything that I’m not interested in is in general (mostly).

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for me it is like a filter. Everything that I’m not interested in is in general (mostly).

LOL that sounded pretty funny. XD I see your point though. And it’s true about the so many orphans. Thing is, a lot of those ask about devices or programs and wtv that the people are prolly better off asking at the official site problem shooting section of those products. :/

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I always ask in social. I want people to be able to discuss and sometimes get off topic if they want to.

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Are there really that many questions that people must have a solid, no bs answer on

Yes, there are.

If I want help I ask in General. If I want to play I ask in social.

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I’d say 95% of my questions are in social though I think they should be in general.

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@digitalimpression Well my underlying point is that for the really tough “general” questions, you don’t usually get an answer here.. hence so many orphans

That really isn’t true. The so called “tough” questions you speak of do get sincere, helpful answers. There was a time when Fluther didn’t have sections and any off topic discussion was not allowed. If off topic banter happened, the mods asked us to take it to pm’s. I have a feeling you wouldn’t have liked it here then.

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Social, all the way.

I’m here to be social, not to have (the well-intentioned) moderators interpret what I mean.

I understand the dichotomy, but then again, maybe not. One area gets some frivolity, tra la la. The other area is all about answering srs business.

When I want a real answer to a very serious question, sorry but I look beyond Fluther.

Everything here is an opinion.

I use social because I don’t want off-topic responses to be deleted. Off-topic is often a good lead to what I really want to know.

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@jonsblond Believe it or not I was here then. And you’re right. I didn’t like it. I know that some tough questions get answered, but look at all the orphans!. I would bet that the majority of people come here for the purpose of being social… not to “get answers”.

@Blueroses If I could GA you 100 times I would.

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@digitalimpression There was a discussion about adding sections before they made the change. The community was basically split 50/50, with some liking the idea and others not wanting the change. For every person who you bet comes here to be social, I can show you someone who has left because of what Fluther has become. Don’t get me wrong. I like it here. I have a love/hate relationship with the site, but I am still here. ;)

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Most, but not all. If I ask a computer help question I usually put it in general. Sometimes health questions too.

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When I don’t want any jokes or stupidity, I put it in general. But mostly I really don’t give a shit, so I put them in social. What can I say? I’m not a serious person.

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@wundayatta That’s why you rock. :D Serious sucks.

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But @wundayatta, you warned us of the evils of social before it happened. What has happened to you!?!?! :P

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I ask about 95%+ of my questions in social. I sometimes ask a meta question and, very rarely, I might ask a question in general. I have maybe asked 2 or 3 questions in general, I think.

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Depends what I want to know. If I want specific answers, I ask in General. Most of my questions would be in Social though.

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The vast majority of my questions are asked in Social. I ask boring questions in General once in a blue moon, but half the time they get moved to Social, anyhow.

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You mean except for this one?

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@bob_ Due to the “rules” I had no choice of course.

@jonsblond The vote seems to be pretty unanimous for the people that are on here now, but that’s sad that people left for a minor change like that.

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@digitalimpression Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

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Wow. Totally made of iron.

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@digitalimpression If you think about it, it wasn’t a minor change. The purpose of this site was to get answers for questions, it wasn’t to be social and ask game questions or “What should I name my cactus?”. (yes, I went there. :P) Many users felt the quality of questions declined after the change. Not minor at all, really.

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I might have one or two that I posted in General, but after a brief search, I couldn’t find any of them.

So I currently post everything in either Social or Meta.

Even if I’m asking a serious question and I get a few irrelevant answers, I can scroll to the answers I’m looking for.

However, if I ask a serious question in Social and get about 40 wiseass answers before I find one that at least makes an attempt to be helpful, then I’ll probably post those questions subsequently in General.

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@jonsblond If you wanna squabble at words I guess it wasn’t minor. sigh

@Brian1946 I usually try to combine a real answer with wiseassery. It is many times misunderstood.

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Depends on what I’m asking. When I want advice on new tires or what is wrong with my gmail account, I ask in General. Most of the orphans, by the way, are very specific technical questions.

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@jonsblond I think I warned that having two types of questions did not help. People, I thought, wanted the freedom to be serious or not and to put them in the same place. It seems that people are voting with their fingers, so to speak, and that general is slowly losing its relevance.

I put my serious questions in social because the risk of silliness is worth the possibility of getting a more interesting discussion. Also, in a way, things seem more absurd on fluther than they used to be and I don’t feel as much of a need to ask for seriousness.

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I used to post my questions in the social section myself until some users with nothing better to do would try to poke shots at your very question without attempting to answer it or hi-jack the thread. With some exceptions I plan on posting most of my questions in the general section now. I already posted my few questions there. I think that the general section is perhaps fluther’s greatest feature and I wish I would have had this option when my questions got hi-jacked on other sites.

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@digitalimpression Not squabbling. Just having a discussion with you. =) (Many newer users have no idea what it was like here before the addition of sections. Fluther has changed quite a bit since I joined 3 years ago.)

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I only ask in Meta.

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Primarily social.
I prefer the freedom for play, levity and banter even if I am seeking more serious input.

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Yes. I don’t like the censorship moderation in General, so I ask all my questions in Social, even questions that are deadly serious. And although I’ll sometimes answer questions in General, I avoid General for that very same reason.

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My General is Wikepedia.

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I don’t ask every question of mine in the Social Section, but I can understand why someone would. The General Section does appear to be extremely strict… and I can see how that might feel quite overbearing at times.

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