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Craft Question: I need to find a hoop, circle, not embroidery hoop (Details follow)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) December 7th, 2011

I need to find a hoop, that I can put some large wooden beads on. I don’t care if it is metal or wood or anything as long as it is in the shape of a wreath (a circle). An embroidery hoop will not work because I need to string beads on it, and those hoops are flat and too thick . I was hoping for a metal hoop of some kind.

Is there a ready-made circle (with an opening of course) that you can think of that would fit this bill? For example, I saw a belt hanger in a shop and it is a metal circle with a hanger attached to it, but it was too small. This should be a larger diameter in order to make it wreath size. Maybe 8–10-12 inches?

So, any ideas for ready-made circles, hoops that I could use as a base for a wreath? (Remember I have to string some large wooden beads on it…so it cannot be an embroidery hoop.) And no, I don’t think I can get a perfect circle by bending wire, etc. A thick wire or ready-made metal hoop would be perfect…but I haven’t been able to find one.

Thank you so much!

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Go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and look in the topiary/fake plants section. There’s usually different sized metal hoops in that area. You would probably have to cut it open to be able to string beads onto it, but that’s where I’d go and what I’d do for the same project. They would be perfect if you want the metal to stay in place and not be easily warped.

Or look online for dreamcatcher (look halfway down the page) supplies—the hoops are exactly the same as the above hoops, and again, would have to be cut for beading.

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@linguaphile beat me to it dreamcatcher hoops sound like just what you are looking for.

I have seen them up to 20” so if you can’t find them at one place check another.

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A metal macrame ring might work. You would just have to cut the ring with a wire cutter to allow you to put the beads on.

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These are used for making lampshades.

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How about one of those hoops that are used to drape curtains through, or for the type of curtain that little girls (and big girls, too) sometimes use to drape a curtain over their bed, from the ceiling?

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What is the diameter of the holes through your beads?

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I think marinelife ‘s suggestion is good. It looks like the type of wire rings we use for hat brims. THe wire is stiff but a little flexible too. The little metal crimp that joins it can usually be removed on one end to open it up and then crimped shut again. Anything soldered would not be able to be opened to put the beads on. If the hole of the bead is really big they may wiggle around a bit on the wire but as long as you bead them closely together I would think this would not be much of a problem. I would confirm with the company that sells it whether or not the crimp is removable. Also, if you could buy extra crimp tubes it would be a good idea because sometimes they get damaged coming on and off. If the crimp is removable you could even adjust the length of the wire to exactly what you want if it is too big. Just clip the end with a wire cutter, string your beads and replace the crimp tube.
This is the company we buy from but the order quantity is probably too high for you. Also there are many types of wire and the one that they call millinery wire isn’t the one I am talking about. The one we use looks like the wire in marinelife‘s link. The millinery wire is strong and not very flexible. It would make a good ring but it might be too warped looking. It takes the form of a circle quite well because it is sold in coils as pictured. To close it you would simply have to bend the ends back against each other to interlock it but the join would be a little of a weak point in the ring.
Sorry such an exhaustive answer but I wanted to be clear!

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Tandy Leather Company has similar products (for making dream catchers).

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