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Can someone tell me which adhesive glue is the best for crafts and do it yourself projects?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) October 20th, 2012

Does anyone know which glues or adhesives are the strongest when it comes to holding fabric, jewelry, gems, plastic, etc, together? I was told E-6000 glue was good and also Unique Stitch glue. Does anyone have personal experience with these glues? I will be making clothing, sewing, gluing stones/gems/studs, so I really need something that holds. Thanks so much!

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You need different kinds of glue for different jobs and materials. You are not going to find a all in one glue that is worth its salt.

For plastic I would go with rubber cement, for gems or stones you could use super glue, contact adhesive is good for materials and paper.

I would suggest looking at packages, reading what it says, and selecting a few different glues, and give up on the idea of finding a universal one that does the job.

If there really was an efficient glue that works on all materials, then it would be the only kind of glue you can buy, as it would have long crushed any competition, just on word of mouth alone.

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For jewelry, E-6000 is what you want.

But I assume you’re not going to be putting jewelry on clothing (at least not of any significant size). If you are, then you should get a BeDazzler and you can boing it up with Rhinestones and such to your hearts content.

For other types of fabric gluing, such as Appliques, there are several solutions depending upon the type of fabric.

Aleenes is a very good line of craft glues of every sort. They have one fabric glue called OK To Wash It (yes I know it’s a long name but they didn’t want to leave any doubt :)

But if the fabric you’re using is stretchable in any way then you want their Flexible Stretchable.

I’ve used Aleenes glues for years and they are really good quality. But as mentioned, there is no universal glue because fabrics are a whole different area unique unto itself because they undergo so much more stress from wearing and washing.

I almost forgot about Heat N Bond. Are you familiar with fusible fabric interfacings. It doesn’t come in a tube or a bottle but is glue nonetheless and great for large Appliques.

It’s basically thin sheets of glue between paper andcenables you to trace the exact size of your appliqué on it and cut it out.

You then iron it on to the back of the appliqué, cut them out together and iron onto the clothing. People make all kinds of decorative sweatshirts, tees etc. from fabrics with great pics on it which can be cut out.

It also comes in narrower sizes for seams and is a lot quicker way to hem skirts and pants.

Basically it’s like sewing with an iron. I also use it for repairs or to cover stains. There are several brands but in my opinion Heat N Bond is the best and most versatile as it comes in different weights/strengths.

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BLING it up with rhinestones.(not boing)

Damn You, Autocorrect!

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There’s a glue called Beacon something – I will check my glue collection and let you know.

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The best glue for gluing acrylic stones is Gem-tac
@jca That’s probably the one you’re thinking of since it is made by Beacon. I love their glues. Magna Tac is good and really strong but you can’t use it for gems because it ruins the mirror backing on the stones. It is great for affixing plastic items to fabric otherwise.
I’ve used E-6000 and it’s good also and not as watery as Gem-tac. But Gem-tac is still my favorite and it’s not as full of fumes.That makes a difference especially if you are working on a big project.
For metal I use a jewelry glue like this because the tip is smaller and more accurate.
I am sort of a glue fanatic. I am always trying new ones. Which one works best depends on the type of material you are attaching and what you are attaching it to. Keep in mind that some glues will dissolve certain plastics so read the bottle and if it doesn’t list plastic, or metal or whatever it is you are using, then look for a different glue.

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I always go by the label, depending on the items I am glueing. Fresh glue is usually best, but sometimes the watery types get better with age.

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It’s Beacon 527. One of these, either the Beacon or the E-6000 really smells a lot, like a real plastic-y smell. I glued something with it in the summer and I took it on vacation, and I had to keep it out in the hotel room and it smelled up the room for at least a day. The Beacon 527 is a strong alcohol-type smell, like rubbing alcohol or maybe nail polish remover.

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