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What are the things you would ask if, you were forced to be one hundred percent honest?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) December 8th, 2011

They are working on a device that will truly be able to detect lies. Would any Poltican past the test?
Why are so many educated people dumb and why do they lack any trace of common sense? Why can’t people exam the documentation without being distracted by Political rhetoric. Which has little or No factual basis?
Why does the Republican party refuse to comprehend that most American’s are Pro Choice and Pro research? That supporting the small Minority that wishes to exploit everyone else is morally wrong? That this is why people are protesting around the US? That electing someone like Gingrich will lead to more Riots when people realize what he really is.
That the US Economy got this way because Bush allowed China to buy or steal anything they wanted. To steal our Technology. To enrich his family and friends.
That Congress is allowed to practice Insider Trading at our expense.
Why don’t more people comprehend that neither party is looking out for Middle Class America?
Why are people so naive they believe either parties extremes? Why is a moderate sensible approach based on facts wrong?
I am an Independent and I do not wish to vote for any of the clowns running.
I ask these questions to provoke thought. Not to start a War of words.

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Holy guacamole there are a pant load of questions in this question!

I think the one and only question you can answer honestly is, are you alive?

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I am 100% honest, and so, I can honestly say I could care less to ask anything of a politicians motives. The only question I’d ask is how much is this new super lie detecting device going to cost? Besides, many sociopathic types can easily beat lie detectors as they registar no emotion when lying. I mean..hellooooo, can you spell Tricky Dick (s)? lol

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I wish we could force all people who wish to control the future of America to take a test which reveals when they lie. Maybe if all the world leaders had to we could achieve more equality for humanity and eventual peace on Earth. It is their deceptions that lead to Scape Goating and hate. All the worlds Leaders do this. Some World Leaders are much worse than ours.

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This device is suppose show peoples thoughts. You can goggle it. Currently researchers get a fuzzy image. I read about it in one of Dr. Kaku’s books. They developed it to help people who were unable to use Computers because they are physically disabled. It is not available yet for mind reading.

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How many times do you have sex per day? I am going to be 100% Dishonest.

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I personally do not think that a politician passing a test of honesty or every being an honest person has anything to do with how good they will be. Part of the issue is that a liar does not even think he/she is lying. That is how they cover it.
Topics and stances can change from day to day. Last time I checked, politicians were human. Humans are simply human. Laying blame to issues is not very productive also.
So where is the issue? In the politician who lies or people who vote for this person. Like @Coloma stated, we are not mind readers. We don’t know the questions to ask to unwravel hidden agendas. All we can do is learn and vote them out.

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99% are lier’s.
When Gingrich says on one Youtube Video the US should support the Libyan Rebels and; another that we were wrong in doing so he is clearly a liar and worse.
Both parties are unethical and they all currently work for the Lobbyist not the working people.
Some Politician’s are bigger lier’s than others and more morally corrupt than others.
It seems to me that the US has No Leadership and that all the Politicians serve their own best interest.
I would prefer to vote the Majority out. Many people continue to vote purely along party lines despite that neither party is helping most American’s.

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@philosopher Sadly most votes are based on the lesser of two evils principle.

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Sadly you are correct. How can we change this?

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Don’t vote: it only encourages them :-P

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