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How early should I camp out for an iPhone?

Asked by dan (7points) June 25th, 2007
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Depends. Where do you live? Do you have access to an Apple Store or just an AT&T; store? As a general answer, I'd say this is going to be as big as the biggest of any recent announcements, so I'd get there at least 24 hours in advance, maybe more.

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i agree with seqdeha that you should camp out at least 24 hours in advance
however if the local store happens to be in a mall then i'd camp out from the time the mall opens on the 29th.

also if you live near the San Francisco Bay Area you could join us DiggNation Fans for our camp out. We are going to have bbq, food and we'll talk about Apple

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Yikes, 24 hours. Myself, I'm going to just show up a few hours early and hope for the best.

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agree: 24 hours if you want to be really sure.

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Ug. 24 hours? I was hoping that I could just waltz in and finally switch over.

And I wonder if AT&T; will honor the SAG 5% discount on iPhones. Probably not.

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my advice is (and i say this as a person who wants an iPhone desperately) - just hold out. as soon as the release hits, the ads on TV will not be as common, and while you'll still see ads everywhere, it'll cool.. and the crazy desire to possess one will slacken. and the urge will pass. just keep thinking about the fact that the cheaper one is $500. Believe me.. I understand you're inescapable desire to own one today.. to hold it; caress it; slip it ever so slightly into your pocket...
but you must resist. remember that you have a perfectly good phone now.. that works perfectly well. Remember that all the ads about internet are misleading, since unless you're in an area with a wireless access point (like a home, or cafe), that you're internet will STILL be as slow and almost useless as current cell phone internet. Remember that just like the iPods, the iPhone will be a lot more accessible in a year or so.. you might even be able to get a refurbished one for a 100 or 200 less, like you can with iPods now.
just resist... just resist the overpowering urge to pay $500 for style and advertising.

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hey ppl are already camping out. Theres this guy in NYC that has been camping since yesterday

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You're lucking you CAN camp out for an iPhone. I live in Alaska, and my apple fanboyism will go UNSATIATED for as many as 5 years. Unless I move. Or do some illegal location hacking. d-;<

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elliot you could always order it online
because apple will reportedly sell the iPhone online within a month
and if you wait 5 years, you could get it for free

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Or, take a look at this IPhone cost chart to scare the heebie jeebies out of you and make you feel virtuous for waiting until the bugs have been worked out and the price has come down:

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