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Will IPhones be available in Taiwan?

Asked by skippybosco (1points) June 25th, 2007

I want to buy an IPhone, but I live in Taiwan. Any idea on when they will be available?

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firstly the iPhone will come out on June 29th ONLY for the US (not even canada). Also even though the iPhone is GSM, it reportedly does not allow you to change sim cards.
As far i know, the iPhone isnt even coming out in Canada for the next 5 months. So it will be a long time before it reaches Taiwan

But there are a number of websites mainly eBAy that are going to sell an unlocked version of the iPhone. So heres what you could do - get the phone off eBay (locked or unlocked) and then unlock it for your gsm cell phone carrier if its compatible. Since its quad band it is most likely that there is a compatible service provider in Taiwan.

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