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Where can I buy music CDs at a discount?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) December 10th, 2011

Years ago, there were a lot of Internet sites that sold music CDs at discounted prices. For example, CDnow and Amazon. But all of those sites seem to have disappeared, and the discounts on Amazon aren’t nearly as good they used to be. Can you still buy CDs substantially discounted from the list price? Where?

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CDWow is still about. The CDs through them are usually pretty cheap by Australian standards.

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Newbury Comics has good deals and they buy and sell gently-used CDs.

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Amoeba Music is one a music-junkie friend of mine recommends. They have free shipping no matter how small the order is. I haven’t used the site myself, but my friend has not had any problems with them.

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Thank you all, for your suggestions. @Bellatrix the CDnow that I mentioned was bought by Amazon some years ago, and unfortunately that reduced the competition in the field and, I think, enabled Amazon to start charging more. The CDWOW that you mention appears to be a different company altogether, based in Hong Kong. I’ll consider giving them a try. Thanks.

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