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Steam washer and dryer? Worth it?

Asked by andrew (16543points) May 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I don’t have a big family, but I do have allergies. Worth the extra $300–400? Worth it on both washer and dryer?

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I always think Consumer Reports when I am making a major purchase. Here is what they have to say and you can then decide what is right for you:–08/overview/washers-and-dryers-ov.htm

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@marina: The link doesn’t work for me.

Edit: its a long-standing bug in my linking code—try putting it as a link

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So sorry. Here you go: Read all about it on consumer reports

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you seem to have a great passion for appliances. Comfort is what you make it. I wouldn’t pay an extra 300$, but that me. If your allergies are that severe- or that factor is important to you, maybe you could spend that 300$ on air filters for your home, or towards a dyson… It depends on what your willing to do to be comfortable. Just because a product works for a large majority of people doesn’t neccesarily mean you will be pleased by it. Appliances are a big investment. No wonder your passionate…
Your guess is as good as mine. Good luck!

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Andrew, slightly not the question you asked, but the Dyson is a pretty good idea. They have a smaller one
now that’s compact and cheaper.

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As I have said before, we find our steam washer to be worth the money. My daughter has allergies and asthma. Troy and I have allergies too. The steam washer cleans really well, is economical to use and a very handy appliance to have in your home.

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